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Another very stupid question

I have read some moms-to-be having a feeling about the gender of their babies. How does that work ? I have my Anomaly scan on 5th March and it seems too long to wait and ofcourse I am curious to know how to get the feeling about the gender of the child - I want a Girl, my husband too and everyone in the family also - because there is no little girl in the whole family (except me :P )

But when i am talking about the child I normally end up saying 'he' does that mean i might be having a boy (can that be a outer manifestation of the feelings ? )

I am liking sour stuffs 5 days and week and than i need tubs of ice-creams (that fails the Chinese guess the gender of your child game)

And I am planning for a party with friends in May (I would meet my besties after 17 months) and we decided the theme to be tiffany blue with a splash of blush pink (well it looks beautiful and cooling in 40 degree C temperature, but can that also be read as outer manifestation of feelings?)

I am looking my usual self - not drained - but that might be because I am very regular with my skin-care and the occasional boil freaks me out like a teenager even now (I would literally hide under hot-water towels, anti-pimple creams and my quilt with a puppy face)

The reason I am asking this is - because I strongly believe in power of thoughts and feeling - and that you can train your conscious and sub-conscious mind into feeling a particular way.

Therefore, I want to know what do you exactly feel - when you feel that its a girl or a boy - who would not want a 'Junior ME' ;)

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Why do you think this is a stupid question? I don't think it is!

I'm one of those who had a feeling about what it's going to be, and I was right. Before I was pregnant, I always thought I'd rather have a little girl. But when I found out I'm pregnant and started imagining what life with a cute little baby and later on with a toddler would be like, to my utter astonishment I soon realized I always imagine myself with a little boy. I tried to change that and tried to think about the baby as a girl, but it just didn't work out no matter how hard I tried.

I had really bad nausea during the first four months, and my friends and colleagues kept telling me I'd surely have a girl because they all experienced sickness with their daughters more severely than with their sons, but I didn't believe they were right. Before the gender revealing scan, I was really nervous because I suddenly feared I was wrong. I was already so looking forward to my little boy that I couldn't imagine having a girl anymore, but at the scan it was pretty obvious I was right ;)

Hope your wish comes true too, fingers crossed for you! :)


Wao :)

just somehow I think I am even preventing myself from thinking just in case I imagine a boy instead of a girl ....Oh! I so desperately want to have a little girl ! and it really bothers me to think of having two geeks/nerds in the house - father and son (my life would get so boring :( no spice ! no mischef!)

but funnily during my first scan i did felt that i am looking at a tiny boy - told my mom she was so super excited - rest not that much !! keeping my fingers crossed for a little girl (I even thought of her name, when it comes to naming a boy I am so Blank )


I 'knew' I was pregnant before I took the test (we weren't trying to get pregnant and I was on the pill)

I also had to have a genetic test due to family history and 'knew' the results before they told me.

And I 'knew' that I was having a girl before they confirmed sex.

There is definitely something to be said for the power of womens' intuition.


I know, women instutions are so strong and we women are also quite good at hiding our own feelings - to me sometimes it feels that just because I so desperately want to have a girl this time I have distant myself from my own feeling (in the fear that I might not imagine a boy) - no particular reason on why i dont want a baby boy - just I want a girl more than I want a boy maybe!

Wondering what it actually felt to you - the experience - so that I might be able to get mine back :)


I keep thinking about boy or girl, I seem not to have a real feeling what I'm having! I have one most of the old wives takes, most of them point to a girl! The only thing that points to a boy is my carbohydrate and salt craving,

I don't mind what I ave as long as its a healthy baby, I find out on the 13 feb I will be 21 plus 1. Bring on the shopping spree


Congratulations for being so near to point out. I am eating a lot of sour and carbo stuff as well on weekdays - but my mom says thats an indication of a girl !! dont know wht to believe !


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