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Weight loss in early pregnancy What's normal?

Hi everyone I'm 9+5 weeks pregnant and have been really struggling to eat more than a few mouth fulls of food twice a day. I can't eat before 1pm as I just throw it back up, but when I do eat I'm not eating a lot. Since being six weeks I've lost a stone in weight and I'm feeling dizzy and sick constantly and it's really getting me down as I have a 18month old and feel like I'm leaving her out while I can hardly do anything. Any help would be great! Thank you!

Chelsea xx

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Snap! I have a 3 yo and never felt like this with him.

now im 11 weeks pregnant, at 1st I just lost my appetite that was untill 7 weeks then sickness kicked in! I've lost around about a stone in about 5 weeks! I am however overweight at 5ft 5 and size 14/16 so can afford to loose a bit . I'm still about a stone heavier than I was when I started out pregnant with my 3 yo.

He will be shouting me and iv got my head in the sink often at dinner when I'm making him food , I don't drive but when i get in a car after 5 mins I'm feeling sick but when the car stops I am or at very least heave. Bus is only if I really had 2.

I work part time and havent told them yet as I was only transfered to them after Xmas ! 1 full day and 2 4 hr shifts, a lot of the time I feel awfull.

I have sickness morning and evening and seems to be worse when I'm tired.

I'm so tired 2 on a regular basis iv been getting in bed at t time when his dad gets in.

It's all for a good reason :) don't think I will be going for a 3rd! I'm rather happy being blessed with 2.

I got my 1st scan a week tomorrow so will make it more real, I have a doppler and got heart beat 1st time on Mon :)


I'm the same!! But I'm 5ft1 and was 8stn11lbs at 6weeks and now I'm 7stn10lbs at 9 weeks. I really really am worried that I'm going to cause my baby problems with growth and development. I'm really scared. I just keep crying all the time cause I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Yeah I don't think il be having a 3rd and yeah it's all for a good reason and I'm sure it's ment to be a good sign but I hate feeling like this. I can't wait for it to pass.

Aw that's lovely you heard the heart beat, bet It was amazing! My scan isn't until 19th feb so I've a long wait! Haha! I'm so nervous about it. Plus husband starts new job just before scan so will be going on my own. :(

Thanks for your reply.

Chelsea xx


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