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Help! Is this normal?

I'm about 6-7 weeks pregnant and every now and again been getting period like pains in my lower abdomon my doctor told me this is normal and not to worry but last night I was woken by realy severe pain which stayed for about 10-15 minutes I was sweating and had 2 curl up in a ball as the pain was so bad. There has been no blood and the pain has now got a lot milder is this normal or is there something wrong???

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I had very odd sharp pans on and off during my early weeks, still get sharp odd pains now I'm 19 weeks.

I would be very worried if there was blood, if there is none then in most cases u and baby is fine, more likely your uterus starting to stretch and change shape.

At ten weeks I remember having sharp vaginal spasm and quite a bit of pain but no blood I went or a scan and everything was fine. The midwife told me to expect odd pains.


Thanks I'm a bit of a worry bugg at the moment coz it's all very new and I don't want anything to go wrong thank you very much for getting back to me :)


That's cool, to be honest I never stop worrying due to a previous miscarriage. Ask away everyone on here is lovely and we all help each other out xx


Thanks so much it realy puts my mind at ease!


Hi Louise

I had period-like pains on and off up to about 10 weeks, and like Skyblueboston still get them sometimes (although now it usually means wind - sorry it that's over sharing!!). I had no idea I would get these pains, so I asked a woman I work with who has a daughter if she would mind if I asked her questions sometimes as I needed someone to sanity check with. She has been great, and reassured me that perriod pains were normal. If you have someone you see on a fairly regular basis who has kids, ask if they will be your 'buddy' - it has helped me so much having someone to ask questions that I worry are too silly to bother a midwife with. And trust

me, I see a midwife every 3 weeks now and that still seems a long time to wait if something new or different happens!

I wish you all the best for your pregnancy :o)


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