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Burning sensation in thigh?

Hi, I'm almost 16 weeks and for the last week I've been getting a burning sensation in my thigh, on the outer thigh right at the top. It does not burn all the time just when I seem to use the muscle a certain way but its impossible to avoid! The sensation is almost like a chinese burn but under the skin or like being stabbed with a red hot poker! Its not itchy and there is no visible marks on my skin! Anybody had anything similar or know what on earth it is? Cheers in advance!

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I think it could be the start of siatica which affects the nerves in the thighs and legs normally only on one side. I have had siatica and shin splints, plus incredible painful hip and lower back, im now 19 weeks.

I think it's to do with the chemical relaxin that affects muscles and joints.


I think Skyblueboston may be right, but you would need to go to a specialist to find out. There's lots of exercises you can do to stop sciatica developing. Also the relaxin is a total pain, its true!


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