Very worried now

I found out a week ago that I am pregnant again following a miscarriage in Dec at six weeks. All seemed well this time no headaches just very tired a bit of cramping but that,was it, last night I had very painfully twice stabbing feeling then it went and I thought nothing of it as there was no bleeding that night or all day but just as I have gone to bed I noticed that when I wiped my self I tiny amount of pink blood but I have no pain so I don't understand can any one help ? I so worried that it's going to end like before.


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  • I got,up today and it appears to have stopped, when I wiped my self there was nothing, so now I don't know what to think my first midwife appointment is not until 22nd Feb which feel s like forever away, it was such a tiny amount I don't know whether to speak to my doctor, I think I'm roughly 4-5 weeks has any one else had this happen, I'm relieved there's no more pink discharge but still very worried something has gone wrong.

  • I'm 6weeks +3 and when I was 4 weeks I had the same symptoms as you, from what I've heard it's all normal so try not to worry but if it puts your mind at rest, call your doctor. Good luck!!! :)

  • When I was around 6/7 weeks I had something very similar, except mines lasted a full week and went from pinkish to dark brown blood, I was worried sick but everything turned out fine and I'm not 39 weeks, if you are still worried make an appointment with your doctor if he thinks its necessary he should make you an appointment at the early pregnancy unit to put your mind at ease, I waited almost 6 weeks until my midwife appointment before saying anything and it was the longest 6 weeks of my life so basically if your really concerned seek professional help up be glad you did, Good luck!

  • I would go to the early pregnancy unit and they will scan u to see if everything is ok.

  • Try not to panic. Some people do have a slight bleed. If it is not red blood and you are having to change a pad more than 4 times a day then I wouldn't worry, I know it is scary as you have been through a miscarriage before. I bleed with my first at 6 weeks and got reffered by my GP for an early scan.

  • I've bled since then and I'm now 27weeks and still do occasionally, babys all healthy it's just an inconvenience. Don't assume the worst it could be nothing, definatly see the midwife straight away simply to put your mind at ease. xx

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