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Should I push for an earlier appointment?

I am currently approximatley 6 weeks pregnant I went for my first appointment on Friday to tell the doctor I was pregnant he gave me very little information and said that I needed to book in for an appointment with the midwife for around 8 weeks.

When I went to the reception they said the first appointment available is not till the 5th of March I will be nearly 12 weeks by then and then I will have to book my first scan which no dout I will have a long wait for. What do you think I should do do you think 12 weeks is ok before my first midwife appointment or should I call the doctor back?

Also when should I expect to start showing? I dont want people to know till I've had my first scan is this going to be possible?

Any help gratefully received. x

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I had my booking in appt with the midwife at ten weeks then my 12 week scan. Your first appt or booking in appt should be done between eight and ten weeks. Call the doc back as u must be booked in before your twelve week scan.

I started showing early as I was so bloated, I'm 19 weeks now and no mistaking I'm pregnant x

But some ladies don't show till twenty weeks depends on your body type


Ring them back and ask if she has had any cancellation appointments.

I started to show with my first at 20 weeks so I wouldn't worry to much about people being able to tell you are before your scan.


In our PCT, your first midwife appointment is at 10 weeks (organised through your doctor), with your scan at around 12 weeks. There is a window that they have to squeeze you in by so they can do their checks. It can't be too early or too late. They do this a lot, so are used to scheduling pregnant women in a two week timeframe. Take the appointment and keep calling in case of cancellations.

You can fob off any changes in your behaviour until you have had your scan. I had awful morning sickness from 7 weeks and put on weight straight away and brazenly lied to everyone!


I had my booking apt at 10 weeks and scan at 12 weeks - the wait feels like forever!!


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