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am i experiencing a miscarriage? 6 weeks pregnant and small amount of red blood, no significant cramping

I found out two weeks ago that I was pregnant. I am now 6.5 weeks pregnant.

I have not yet experienced morning sickness - the only symptoms I've experienced have been fatigue, needing to wee more frequently, waking up early to wee, mild cramping (like mild period pain) and over emotional.

On Friday I bled a small amount of bright red blood - roughly one teaspoon. Prior to that I had noticed a tiny amount of dark brown spotting, which the doctor told me was normal. On friday (when I noticed the bleeding) I did not experience any cramping or tummy pain. I have not bled since, until a tiny amount of dark brown blood again earlier this evening.

I am terrified that I am going to miscarry, and that what I've experienced this weekend has been a miscarriage. I would like some advice from people.

I will go and see my doctor this week and I am also considering getting an early pregnancy ultrasound scan to see if they can detect a heartbeat.

I'm just concerned that I don't feel 'pregnant' - do most people 'sense' pregnancy more than I do? I find myself wishing that I'd start experiencing morning sickness, as I think that would settle my nerves!

Help please!

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Dark brown flour indicates old blood,probably from implantation so no need to worry. When I had a misscarriage I was 7:5 weeks, I had a few hours of pain plus a tiny drop if red blood, had a can and my worst fear had come true, I should have been nine weeks!

Anyway I feel that you are not having a misscarriage as all ladies I Ali to have had pain and cramping.

I'm nw 19 weeks, very happy but anxious.

My advice is wait till you ate at least seven weeks as you will then be able to see the heartbeat which should put your mind at ease,any earlier the heart may not have started beating yet.

I felt pregnant straight away as my breasts were so painful I actually went to the doc worried about breat cancer, she made me do a test.

Don't wish for m/s it's awful lol


Thank you for your words, and best of luck with your pregnancy. I hope all goes smoothly for you. Did you ever have red bleeding (i.e. not brown spotting) earlier in your current pregnancy? On some sites it says that its very common, and then on some it says it's a dangerous sign and shows a problem with the pregnancy.

I will wait until I am at least 7 weeks and then go for an early scan. Thank you again.


Hello, I never usually reply or use sites like this but saw your question on a link with the nhs site and I had to join this one in order to try and make you feel a bit better. This is a question I could have asked a year ago almost to the day, I drove myself nuts googling and panicking. I was pregnant with twins and at around 7 weeks I had dark blood spotting, actually not just spotting quite alot and was told as you were not to worry as it's probably just inplantation blood, then I had a big gush of red at about 10 weeks, in the middle of the night and my husband and I rushed to hospital, I was convinced I'd lost them as it was bright red and a big amount...turns out though that everything was fine and I'm now mum to two beautiful boys. They couldn't really tell me why it had happened and to be honest at the time I was so relieved I didn't think to push it to get an explanation. There is a lot of negative stuff out there and I hope sincerley that my experience will give you some hope until you get to the Dr and hopefully get to the early pregnancy clinic for a result as good as mine. I have everything crossed for you and wish you all the luck in the world.


Thank you, that moved me a lot. Congratulations on your two beautiful boys. I'll keep hoping and wishing that everything goes smoothly for me. I feel as though I'm never going to stop panicking, even if the doctor tells me it's ok & even if the scan shows it's all ok, i'm so anxious. Thank you again for replying, it means a lot.


Hi, in this pregnancy so far no bleeding, but again to try and assure u, my sister just had her baby three weeks ago, for an unknown reason at six weeks she bled a lot and had really bad pain, but it turned out to be a nothing and now she has a beautiful boy.

Ps. I haven't stopped worrying dont think I will till I hold a healthy baby x


I bleed with my first always round about the same time of my period but is was just light blood. Unless you are having to change a pad more than 4 times a day with it being drenched in red blood then I really wouldn't worry. Some woman do bleed early on I know it can be stressful and make you panic about a miscarriage but I dont think you have anything to worry about.

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I'm 6.5 weeks pregnant and on Thursday I started spotting light brown discharge and now tonight I'm see light red blood only when I wipe I'm kinda worried bcuz I had a miscarriage 4 months ago...should I be worrying??


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