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Hot water bottle on tummy???

I am realy worried I am about 6 weeks pregnant been trying for a while to get pregnant and now I am I'm realy exited. I have been getting period like pains in my stomach which my doctor said was nothing to worry about but I have been putting a hot water bottle on my stomach and now I have researched it and found out I shouldnt do this I am realy worried I have already done some damege can anyone advice???

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Congratulations! I personally would not use a hot water bottle on my tummy as this raises the body temp too high and has been said can cause miscarriage. BUT I think this is probably a bit over the top! If u can do without it, then I would. I got lots of cramping at the beginning of pregnancy but it wasn't painful enough for a hot water bottle! I'm now 19 weeks and get really bad achy back so I use a heat pad but only when the pain is so bad. Don't worry I very much doubt u can do any harm to the baby. Good luck x


Thanks very much I definetly wont in the future I'm a first timer at this so had no idea I shouldn't learning new things every day I just hope it all goes ok!!


Hot baths (ie hot enough for you to be unable to just get straight in) is to be avoided. Hot tubs I've heard are a no no. Whilst I didn't use a hot water bottle directly on my tummy I have been using them on my back, feet, and thighs. The hot water bottle is never in direct contact with my clothing and certainly doesn't scold (wrapped in heaps of bath towel so I get the warmth). Skyblueboston is right to be mindful of the temp as it does raise the temp too high for baby which can be a problem. x


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