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Unusual bleeding?

Pregnant or something else???

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I really hope someone can give me some advice. I'm 33, have no children & Me & my partner are currently trying to conceive, I have been actively using a clear blue fertility monitor & charting basal temps. My cycle is a little irregular, usually between 29-32 days but never earlier.

My ovulation times have been quite regular too, usually in the region of CD 13-16. However this month I ovulated on CD 9, which I thought was strange but did all we needed to, all at the right times.

From 3dpo I have been having symptoms I've really never experienced before, just started with sudden hot flushes, cramps in lower legs, then thighs, extreme painful breasts (at the side near armpits), then nipples burning, quite extreme lower back pain, dull ache that comes & goes & most importantly, urinating. I literally would usually urinate 4 times a day, however in the last 3 days I've counted 14 times in just one day? It's not a lot of urine just the need to go. Yesterday I had stringy creamy discharge (sorry tmi) & some niggling pain in pelvis, like pinching.

Today I have , for the first time since ovulation a sudden temp dip, & feel very tired. After going to the loo at 11 am today there was discharge but dirty blood streaked on the tissue. This has carried on through the day, it's not enough to wear a pad or a tampon, it's only there when I wipe? It doesn't smell like period blood, & it's dark brown to orangey? Slight back cramping but doesn't feel like period? I'm only day 20 of my cycle so certainly am not due for another 9 days at least. Did hcg yesterday that was negative. I know it's very early, but I'm perplexed? Can anyone help?

Desperate, thanks!

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It could be that the discharge you're experiencing is the result of implantation - when a fertilised egg implants in the lining, which is a very eary indication of pregnancy. I had a similar experience last month as well as needing the toilet lots and a few of the other symptoms you have described.

I took a preganancy test that read negative - but after severals days realised I was late and took another pregnancy test that was positive! So it may be that you're a little too early to test because you hormone levels wont have increased enough to get a positive reading. So, try again in few days and if possible use a clearblue test that can pick up an earlier reading.

Good luck!


With this pregnancy I did a test sat night and it was - then had an urge to test again on the tue and an ever so slightly + come up so went and got a clear blue digital and that come up 1-2 weeks pregnant! 5 days b4 expected period.

With my 3yo clear blue come up 2-3 weeks 5 days b4 expected period.

I think the box said 70% come up testing 4 days early increasing to 99.9 % testing on expected day due period.

Just wait and test again in a week or 2!


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