am I pregnant? Can someone put my mind at ease please

I went to the doctors and the test come up positive, but the line was very light. the doctor asked me to come back a week later for another test. The doctor seems to think I'm pregnant but am I?? I have been having a lot of head aches, and I never hardly got them before plus my breasts feel tender, back ache and feeling sick an just basically tired all the time. What do u think? Could anyone give me any advise on what there opinion is ... Thank you


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6 Replies

  • Congrats :) a line is a line.. No matter how fair. It just means its early on probably about 4weeks

  • Oh and I would go and buy the clear blue digital test so u can tell how far you are x

  • The doctors buy the cheap pregnancy tests in bulk - the positive result is always faint.

    Congrats, you are pregnant. If you want want peace of mind - buy a clearblue digital test and ot will tell you how far gone you are :-)

  • Yes definetly think clear blue is the way to go I had a realy faint line on a cheap test went out and got a clear blue and it said I'm pregnant!

  • Thank you all, feel a lot better now :) I'm going to buy a test in the morning to double check, I have the doctors Wednesday but I can't wait till then lol. Thank you x

  • hi you still pregnant haylo?! x

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