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Great news - second scan a success after first one a bust - 2 weeks of hellish waiting worth it!

So happy! After horrible early 7 week scan where the doctors couldn't see anything and were even asking if I was sure I'd had had a positive pregnancy test result.... waited the recommended 2 weeks, and went to a different hospital in the capital city (working in a 3rd world country - facilities not great in rural areas). Not only is the little one OK, it's wriggling about like mad, and I'm a week further on than I thought - 10 weeks instead of 9.

Cue huge sigh of relief and a very big smile! I even got to hear it's little heartbeat - amazing! Thanks for everyones kind comments after my last worried post!

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Great news! Yippee! :) x


Great news congratulations xx


Congratulations x




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