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Help! Raised prolactin

I found out I was pregnant around 2 weeks ago and am now nearly 8 weeks.

Before discovering I was pregnant the doctor had requested some blood tests to check everything was normal as I'd been trying for a baby.

I have received a letter off my doctors today requesting that I need a further blood test as I have mildly raised prolactin! This wasnt mentioned when I saw another doctor who told me I was pregnant! I'm not worried as cant get to see the doctor who requested if till next week and can't find any simple information on net.

Can anyone help me or tell me if this is something to worry about??

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

A higher than usual level of prolactin can (if not pregnant) prevent ovulation and can cause an irregular cycle. But pregnant women have a higher prolactin level than women who aren't pregnant as this hormone is responsible for the growth of the breasts and production of milk during pregnancy. Could it be possible you already were pregnant when the blood was tested? If the doctor who tested your blood didn't know you are pregnant, that could be an explanation.

Please don't worry, talk to your doctors just to be sure and put your mind at ease.


Thank you :) I would of been pregnant when had blood test but didn't know! I think my doctors have got crossed wires! I have my first midwife appointment next week so will check with her then x


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