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Struggling on food to eat and ideas


Hi everyone,I wonder if you can help me before pregnancy I always had a healthy appetite and would basically eat anything that was given to me lol. But now I dread every meal because I don't fancy anything to eat even though im very hungry when its time to eat. Does anyone have any food ideas that might not give me aversions or might be more bearable? I seem to have worn out the jacket potatoes and beans option x x x

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Wow same here, I'm nearly 19 weeks and living on sausage rolls, salt and vinegar crisps, any type of carbs really and lots of milk:) my midwife said to me to eat what i I can as my body will make me crave if im missing anything. At the beginning of the pregnancy I ate everything but since week twelve I have been sick at least twice a day so curtains foods just make me heaveM

I'm living on porridge, lentil soup and buns, milk, ginger and lemon biscuits, yoghurts and some special k caramel bites which I'm loving haha. I just worry a bit that I'm not getting what I should eg veggies which i normally love but cant tolerate,I think this is because I'm off meat too:( I haven't really had any cravings but I'm still early ( nearly eight weeks ). X x

You're reminding me of how my food tastes fluctuate. At the beginning I couldn't get enough apples, apples were the only things I could eat that stopped me feeling pukey. I ate lots of soup to begin with, then then salad, then there was the milk phase, the roll mops phase, going of ice cream, going off apples and sweets, now I can eat apples, I hate weetabix but I've been eating that and obsessed with organic peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches. Sometimes really want meat and other times happy to eat vegetarian based meals. A whirlwind romancing with food! I quite enjoy it, apart from the first 18 weeks of feeling very pukey! Good luck with your pregnancies! :)

I find this too! It's horrible isn't it having no appetite! I used to love food before I was pregnant now I find it a chore, I also worry if baby is getting enough nutrients, I don't really like meals with vegetables in it, i'm really quite fussy! If I could i'd live on Cereal, rice krispies, shreddies, coco pops, corn flakes, anything! I love the crunchy texture! At least i'm getting lots of milk!

Have you tried soups with wholemeal rolls? my mum is always on at me about eating hearty, filling soups!

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

I'm exactly the same! First 9 weeks I ate everything in sight and now I hardly touch much food, I have to really be in the mood to eat even when I'm hungry cuz I struggle the nausea stops me as I have a bad phobia of being sick so will do anything to prevent it actually happening x

same here! i cant bare to eat anything. everything tastes different now and all im doing the whole day is heaving. i have to slow down and breathe. at the moment im nibbling on ginger biscuits and had a banana for breakfast. but thats a first in a few days. i cannot wait for the sicky feeling to subside. x

Im still the same, but the only thing that keeps me going is im suppling nutrients to my babies :) I dont seem to have morning sickness, just nausea over foods haha. I love being pregnant but this is one of the worst bits especially when you want to eat. Lately I have been enjoying Frosties ; ) and soups and bread, and crumpets. My doc said to me you can only eat what you can eat, and the babies get all they need from you and its you that feels drained because of it and they dont suffer, good luck in your pregnancy xxxx

well since writing this morning... i have decided now after days of feeling sick, that pickled onion monster munch and salt and vinegar french fries are the best. lets hope that keeps the nausea at bay for at least an hour ;) i honestly wouldnt mind it if i could give my baby some nutrients but the feeling gets s bad i just sleep and forget about it. Good luck to you too xx

Yum I quite fancy pickled onion crisps think I might try that, one haha. Dont worry just eat what you can everything will be fine : ) x

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