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Decorating during pregnancy

I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately but I'm making sure I don't call my midwife over stupid rookie things.

I've grown impatient and my nesting instincts are kicking in. I've waited ages for my partner to decorate and I'm fed up! I know it's not his favourite thing to do but it's mine, I feel utterly useless because the time I've been waiting I could have done it by now! I love filling, sanding and painting. There's very little sanding to be done and I don't want to wait weeks before painting happens because there aren't really that many weeks left, plus I want to air the rooms well before baby is born and before I'm too much bigger and unable to do anything physical.

I've read and know that to err on the side of caution would be to not do it but I can't put baby in a dusty undecorated room. I need to take some action and stop waiting for someone else to do something I can quite easily and quickly do myself!

Have any of your decorated during pregnancy? Did you regret it? Were there any contraindications to you doing so?

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I think you will be fine, if your are sanding wear a mask, if your are painting opt for a low odour child friendly paint, b&q do this, plus make sure the room has all of its windows open and its well ventilated. And take a rest often, maybe decorate max one to two hours max per day. My auntie decorated till her waters broke when she was up the ladder!


I painted my babies bedroom when I was about 24 weeks pregnant and my baby was o.k, I didn't go up ladders or anything just the bits I could reach my husband did most of the work mind you I just pointed the brush where he missed lol. You will be fine as long as you dont stretch to far or over do it.


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