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what should i buy for breastfeeding and bottle feeding breast milk?


This is my first baby and I'm planning to breastfeed, and after a few weeks start to express my milk so Daddy can feed too. I wanted to stock up on the necessities while Tesco and Asda have big sales on but have struggled to get much info on what you need to buy. I got these:

and (260ml-ack of six)

I'll obviously need to buy a maternity bra and breast pads nearer the time but wasn't sure if I'd need anything else? Or if anything handy?

Got most of my baby stuff on free cycle and these half price so happy to get whatever is likely to make life easier! was tempted to get hand pump as well for when feeding- quieter, but maybe unnecessary?? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!! Are so many things out there and is hard to see which we'll likely need!


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Hand pump makes it easier, just might make your nipple sore. Can also buy little containers to freeze your breast milk, then the obvious bottles, formula, breast pads. You might want. A stereliser but you can just boil them in a saucepan :-)


Some of it will depend on whether you'll be working after your little one arrives. When I had my Daughter 8 years ago I had to go back to work for long shifts 3 days a week, so I hired a pump from the NCT ( can be a little expensive but the pumps are brill), and pumped at work, and extra at home before going back to work. I stored the milk in Lansinoh freezer bags, which the NCT shop sells, and the bags are strong and BPA free, ( medical grade with no plasticizers which can be bad for baby). This time round I won't be working so I won't be bothering with the pump as Daddy will be bonding with baby at bathtimes/nappy changes etc, so I'll do all the feeding. He works shifts too so I won't be expecting him to get up for night feeds :)

Make sure to pump when Daddy is feeding too, to keep your supply up.

Nipple cream comes in handy, Kamillosan or similar, as the first few weeks can be a bit of an adjustment for your chest, but persevere and they settle down nicely.

Initially those first few weeks all you'll really need is a good bra, breast pads for leaks, maybe a feeding t-shirt/top (if you're out in public and a bit self conscious) and your boobs... The rest you'll figure out as you go along, it's not as daunting as you think, and it will depend on your routine/situation. There's no hurry to buy everything yet, but I can understand you wanting to be prepared. You could try asking for a microwave steriliser on your freecycle, and get a good bottle brush as the bottles and teats can be a bit tricky to clean if they have tight grooves etc.

One thing I will say about teats, be careful what washing up liquid you use to clean them, I had one brand which left a strong taste/smell on the teats and I had to throw them out :(

Good Luck xx


I used tommy tippie bottles & dummies and tried the handpump but this didn't work on me, I then got an avent 1 and it did the job, but if your planing on breastfeeding longer than a few months I would recommend an electric 1 ( I think u can rent them from breastfeeding support groups but u will have to look in to it, these are more powerfull and better than the general branded 1s for sale )

I fed for 4 weeks by myself and was exhausted , just as I seemed to produce enough milk and have him feed every 3-4 of hrs and b sattified he would go through a growth spurt and b feeding up to hr on each breasts and wanting more an hr after ! even though I would try him I knew I didn't have much to offer so started to do formula top ups , over a further 4 weeks was offering breast then bottle by the end I knew he was choosing bottle and my surply had all but gone , at this stage I stopped offering breast and although i was a bit saddened at that stage I never leaked after or was uncomfortable with engorgment so that is just how it was. I only planned to feed for a few months anyway as I don't think I would have been comfortable to do it for an older baby and I know people who struggled to get a breast baby on bottle so had no choice but to continue feeding past the time they felt comfortable with.

My son wasn't a particularly big baby 8lb born , by the time he was a couple of months old he was on extra hungry formula 8oz bottles every 3-4hrs, he was always average on the chart for weight but above for length and at 3 yo is tall and slim , he had formula till he was 2 and a half because he wouldn't touch cows and I didn't want to not give him milk, by then it wad only 1 or 2 bottles b4 a nap if he had 1 and bed time . Then cows milk b4 bed till just after he was 3, he just stopped taking it . we give his dummy to the fairys the night b4 he was 3 cos he was a big boy and they brought him big boy presents , he never missed it.

I'm just saying just go with the flow and do what's best for u, I would not have done anything different even though people judge for not feeding longer or giving him a dummy or having him on formula at 2 and a half ! at just over 3 he is now generally the same as any other 3 yo regardless what I used to make it easier along the way . He does still have a comfort blanket but just for bedtime:)

I used the microwave steriliser, easy and convenient.

Nipple cream a must, lansioh or something similar.

All the best.


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