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Hi there, i have just done a clear blue test and it is positive and says 2-3 wks!! I have had 2 misscarriages over 3 years ago, i am going

to make an appointment at the docs in the morning.I am very concerned as this is the first time i have fell pregnant in 3 years after my last misscarriages.As i misscarried last time at 14 and 8 wks i am concerned!! When will it be possible for me to have a scan/check up to make sure all ok so far?? If anyone can answer me , many thanks

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Congratulations! My goodness you've had such a tough time! Tell the doctor/receptionist your situation and that you are very concerned and would like to see someone as soon as possible to discuss options regarding an early scan, otherwise they will just book you in with the midwlfe at around 8 weeks.

My personal experience is that it is best to hold out as long as you can before you go for a scan because an early scan could leave you with more worry/questions if it is too early for a heartbeat. I was told I would have an early scan this time due to miscarriage and stillbirth but appointment didn't come through until I was due to be 12.5 weeks. I decided to wait it out as noone could do anything anyway - baby was going to stay or not stay, and all I could do was wait.

Honestly wish you loads and loads of luck. Everyone is different and some people are able to cope with those first weeks by having an early scan x


Thank you so much for your reply...its a tough time waiting but what will be will be.

Going to docs in a moment so go from there. Did another test this morn and it read the same so feeling like that's a great sign. Fingers crossed.

Once again big thanks x


Ask to be seen by the early pregnancy unit, I was after my misscarriage, but I don't think it's worth having a scan till seven weeks coz then u will see the heartbeat:) lots of luck and I know how scary it is getting pregnant after loing a baby, I'm constantly wondering if everything is ok, I'm at 18 weeks so fingers crossed x


Everyday that goes by, give yourself a pat on the back - and every week, tick it off as a little 'congratuations' to yourself that it's another week done. I just kept sane by eating lots of good stuff and taking my pregnacare. Promise it did go quite quick to get to the first scan and I am a very impatient person!

Everyday when 'nothing bad happens' is a victory x


Well i had my dic appointent last thursday, he seemed happy with me and said im due 25th Sept..which makes me 6 going on 7 wks. Not going to go for a early scan aslong as all feels ok just going to let it be as it were!!!

Thank you all so much for your reply's. Will keep you posted x


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