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Baby Movement

Hello everyone.

I was just wonder when everyone started feeling their baby move?

I do feel him moving ocasionally but it is more what I would think is wriggling more than actually kicking and sometimes I am not sure if he is moving and its not just my stomach. I am 22+4 weeks now and thought I would be feeling him more by now.

Hopefully he is just a sleepy baby

Any responses would be very welcome :)


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Hi cami_pod,

I felt the first real movement when I was 20 weeks - no big kicks yet, it felt more like tiny bubbles. During the two following weeks I only felt him occasionally, like once every other day. Since week 23, I feel him move around daily, but some days he is more active, and some days I hardly feel anything at all. But us not feeling anything doesn't mean there is no movement: This morning, I had a CTG because yesterday I had severe bellyache. And even though I didn't feel any movement at all, the midwife wasn't really able to get useful results because the baby was moving around too much and making too much noise :)

I'm 25+3 now - maybe there is still too much space in there for me to feel every little move.



Hi Newlywed! Thank you so much! I feel a lot more at ease now. I do remember my midwife saying I had strong tummy muscles when she was feeling my belly around 17 weeks so maybe we both have good muscle and thats why movements are not as obvious! I bet you feel a lot better knowing that everything is ok. I have been considering getting one of those hearbeat monitors but I dont know if that would just stress me out even more if I couldnt find the heartbeat.


You're welcome!

Yes, it is very reassuring to know everything is okay. I thought I'd stop worrying as soon as the "critical" 12 weeks were over, but obviously I always find something new to worry about ;)

I wanted to buy a heartbeat monitor too, but after today I'm not so sure anymore. If even the midwife is struggling to find a proper heartbeat, I'm not sure I can find one myself, and I don't want to stress myself more than necessary...


I'm a worrier and if I'd have bought a heartbeat monitor when I was carrying my little boy I probably would have been using it all the time! When I was worried about things my husband would remind me the midwife I'd seen had ok'd everything and all I had to do was relax. (Easier said than done sometimes!)


My first child was lazy, felt.some.movements but not too much. First proper kick at around 20-21 weeks. Second child was at 13 weeks, but not proper kicks but a lot of.movement. He was always on the go, even now at nearly 2 1/2 he is always on.the go. Currently 28+5 with baby number 3 and he is in the middle of them.both. We have lots if.movement, but only at certain times in the day so i can get some rest at night times.


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