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Is it possible to miscarry one twin and the other be fine?


Please can anyone help ease my concerns I have just started bleeding tonight not very heavy but as if I am going to have a period. When I had a scan last week one baby had a strong heartbeat and the other seemed like it was an empty sac but they said it was possible that it was a couple of days behind the other. Could the baby with the heartbeat still be ok? I need to somehow calm my worries as I can't get another scan till Friday. I was told that the other twin if it didn't make it would just absorb into my womb, why hasnt this happened? Thank you for your advice in advance x

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Can I ask how many weeks you are?

My son is a surviving twin and his brother died whilst I was pregnant. So yes, my darling, your one twin can survive on his/her own. I'm so sorry this is happening to you but you can definitely have a happy ending. I bled as well and was told it was a haematoma (bruise) underneath my placenta. Lots and lots of luck - you never know, they might both be there on Friday x

Kazzacollie in reply to minime61

Sorry I'm seven weeks, I had an early scan last week due to light spotting but everything looked fine with one baby and they just wernt sure about the other. Im just confused they had told me that it would absorb that's why I worry that I have lost them both. Finding it very hard to keep calm due to a previous miscarriage four months ago. Sorry about you loss can I ask how far you were through your pregnancy when you lost a twin? X

jeannieV in reply to minime61

Hi, may I know how many days you bleed after miscarriage? I was carrying twins and lost one recently. Am.just other baby bleeding.

I have had a misscarriage of a single baby, I just wanted to wish you lots and lots of luck that the other twin is fine xx

Yes it is possible to loose one twin, good luck with your scan on Friday bet it seems like a lifetime away.

Thankyou both for your kind words of support! Yes Friday does seem a lifetime away so much do I'm trying to get a private scan to ease my worries. I just don't understand why me and pregnancies don't go together it's not much to ask to have a family fingers crossed I get a scan sorted x x

If you call your midwife and let her know she may call you in for a scan at your hospital's Early Pregnancy Unit. And don't worry - you have been able to get pregnant which is one of thw most important things. I have been pregnant 4 times and had 2 (2 kids though which more than makes up for it!) Most of my friends have had at least one woth the most having had 7 - but they all have two or more kids. Remember that your body knows best. What helped me prepare for the possibilty was thinking that my body would know if the baby was healthy and if it didn't work out, it was probably not a healthy baby. Fingers crossed for you. Bleeding without severe cramps is usually a good sign.

The scan on Friday is the epau they can't offer me a nearer appointment. But to save the worry im booked in this afternoon for a private scan so I know either way. You are right I know it's natures way of telling us the baby was not healthy, but I want these if you know what I mean but obviously nothing I can do as I have tried my best and know there's nothing possible I could do any better in my pregnancies. I agree it is good that I got pregnant after years of trying and this one was a natural pregnancy as I was waiting to start ivf I am deffo pleased about that. Thanks for your reassurance it does help xxx

Another thing to reassure you - if they don't tell you to come in immediately or send you to a&e, then it's probably statistically a good bet that all is ok. I would also say again, bleeding without cramping is also a really good indicator as you look for both bleedin and cramping as well as a loss of nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. GOOD LUCK on friday. I am sure it'll be fine. A healthy baby can be surprisingly resilient!


There can be many reasons for a light bleeding, it doesn't necessarily have to be a miscarriage. If you don't feel any pain, there is a good chance it is something different altogether. Try not to worry too much, and I agree with minime61 - they might both be there on Friday! Good luck to you, and if you feel like it, let us know how it went! xx

Kazzacollie in reply to Hidden

Thanks, I will let you know when I find out. I have a scan this afternoon now so I shall know very soon. Fingers crossed I have two strong babies x x

I hope they are both fine.. But yes one can survive.. I'm 25weeks pregnant now but I lost my other twin at about 4weeks.. It is horrible and I still wish and wonder but at the same time I'm thankful I didn't lose both of them x

Kazzacollie in reply to gemmw

Thanks and congratulations and I'm sorry about the loss of your twin! Can I ask did you bleed etc when you lost the twin? X

Yea a lot.. When it started(on a monday) it was light like spotting then the next day a little heavier... And I was also cramping from about wednesday.. By sunday it had gotten really heavy and then the full miscarriage pains started then that night the other twin had come out sac and all and the next day I had a scan which just showed the one baby.. I bled for a month non stop and heavy after that .. Sorry bout all the detail x and thank you n congradulations to u to

Kazzacollie in reply to gemmw

Thankyou so even tho you went through all of that you had a strong baby and have come out the other end. Thankyou for sharing and I will be back on soon hopefully with some good news x

Yea it was scary but I'm finally getting there! Lost 2 this year so glad it didn't end up 3.. Look forward to hearing good news! X

Kazzacollie in reply to gemmw

Hi just had my scan and one has a very healthy heartbeat and measures the correct dates and the other has grown since last week and there was a slight flicker but no certainty that it is ok at this stage and measures a few days behind. They can't see any reason for the bleed but think it could be old blood! Fingers crossed and Thankyou everyone for your support and kind words x x

I'm so pleased for u, sounds really positive. Put your feet up and rest and wait till Friday, my fingers are crossed for u and your babies xxx

Oh that's reasurring atleast.. Hope all stays well hun xx


Keeping my fingers crossed, especially for the smaller baby. I'd say it is a good sign it has grown! All the best to the three of you!

Thankyou very much x x

Hi everyone, just thought I would update you all they have found a second heartbeat!!!! Over the moon fingers crossed all continues well x

Hidden in reply to Kazzacollie

I've only just read this. So happy for you! :)

That is great news Kazzacollie, when is your next scan?

Kazzacollie in reply to Megzey

Thanks!! They discharged me so I'm not sure when I'm assuming around twelve weeks. I see the midwife on tuesday so I might find out then. Xxx

Hi hope you get to read this, 20 years ago and then 4 1/2 years later this happened to me with my first and last pregnancies, I lost a twin had bleeding at 7 weeks with my first and with my last child at 11 weeks. The first time round I never really got my head around what had happened as I was constantly sick morning sickness day and night with both pregnancies. The second time I lost a twin was frightening the whole bath went red but when I had a ultrasound it showed one empty sac and one very strong heart beat !!!! Which I knew because I'd still had terrible morning sickness.

My doctors now look back and have understanding of why I had retained placentas with these births. With the first I lost close to 4 litres of blood died and was revived. While with my 4th son we were prepared and after his natural birth when the placenta didn't come I wasn't forced to try and naturally birth it but both times it was stuck to the top of my womb.

A year later I had hysterectomy at 29. My children surviving twins lived are healthy as are all my 4 children.

I had reki this week and my 2 missed twins are still connected or with me, I found this interesting and wond

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