Teenage pregnancy, Advice would be greatly helpful!

Okay.. so im 16 and found out a few days before Christmas i was expecting to my long term boyfriend, we grew rather excited ( but didn't tell any family, just friends) then on boxing day i started to bleed and it was bright red and quite thin.. like normal blood so i assumed i'd miscarried, i didn't go the doctor because i wasn't in any physical pain but we were both really upset, in the next few weeks my boobs were tender and seemed to be growing but i put it down to be me growing, then by the 18th i still hadn't started my period and was having mood swings and i had to rush to the toilet once after someone sprayed deodorant and i threw up ( sorry for tmi ) so my boyfriend bought 2 home pregnancy tests both say 99% accurate and both came back positive with dark lines ( i tested around 6pm ) yesterday i bought two more of a different brand and did one at 9pm then one at 7am ( as soon as i woke up ) and both again were positive but there is no chance that i could have miscarried then conceived again because we had sex once after boxing day with protection so now im thinking i grieved for a baby i hadn't lost.. im over the moon and so is he but it's really messed my head up.. i have a doctors appointment today but im 99% sure i am pregnant any advice? On anything pregnancy, money anything would be really helpful, thanks guys

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  • If you had mis carried on boxing day there is no way the hormone would still show in your system so I would deffiantly say you are still pregnant so congratulations. You need to get in contact with the beniefts department of the HM revenue & customs and your local council housing as I take it you will want to get your own place if renting private is not an option.

  • Thank you, and I think my and my boyfriend are going to rent privately as his uncle owns a few houses/flats but we would still need a little help so thanks again

  • theres no doubt your pregnant. if you had miscarried then you would of had a lot of blood and would have been in pain. it can show on test still though that your pregnant. Best thing to do is wait for your doctors diagnosis.

    blood during pregnancy can be common. im 8 weeks + 2 Days and have had slight blood. not every day but during intercourse and such things. this is due to cervix having an increase in blood flow. so dont panic too much. wait and see what doctor says.

    Good Luck xx

  • We worked it out i was around 4/5 weeks then and i bleed during intercourse aswell, that puts my mind at rest, thank you! Congratulations on your little one aswell, all the best xx

  • thank you. :) congratulations to you as well. dont stress over things it can make it worse. Enjoy being pregnant. thats what i have learnt. ive wanted it for so long and now its happened i still cant come to terms with it. (even after one scan) im having my second scan Friday. hopefully now i can actually realise im pregnant. xx

  • Thanks :) and i will, i still haven't got my head around it properly, when i talk about it it feels as if im talking about some body else :P if you dont mind me asking, when do you get your first/second scan? xx

  • your first scan will be around 12 weeks. this will be your dating scan. you generally register with midwife and they come out and see you between 8-10 weeks and book your scan with you then. due to the 1st bit of bleeding i had over 2 weeks ago i went to early pregnancy unit ( i work for the nhs) and had an internal scan and my bean was jumping about all healthy and fine. but they monitor me every 2 weeks now until my dating scan. this may be the case for you as well. if you are worried speak to your GP and they can book you in for an internal scan with EPAU. xx

  • Thank you, i went to the GP today and done a test to confirm it and i get the results on thursday, but he worked out (roughly) i'd be around 10/11 weeks xx

  • Good luck sounds like your little one is still with u x try the clear blue test it tells u how far along u are.

  • Thank you, and i hope so i went to the doctors today and get my results back thursday so fingers crossed and i didn't know they told you how far along you were, i'll do one, thank you! x

  • Congratulations. Sounds like you had some bleeding, not a miscarriage. I know it can mess with your head - I was convinced I was miscarrying a few weeks ago, as was my doctor, but following another positive test I'm going for an early scan tomorrow, which hopefully will tell me one way or the other what is going on - I think I could be about 9 weeks and I have no idea how to feel at the moment, I go from happy to crying in a heartbeat! So you aren't alone. Check as much as you can on the NHS website, they have a lot of really good information about what you can expect from your doctor and midwife. Contact the benefits agency, about housing and things. I think there is also something that gives you vouchers for fresh fruit / veg and milk - it's only a few quid, but every little helps. Also - try looking on line for charities connected to young mums as a lot of the information you will find helpful, they will have already put together and will be able to advise you on. Plus of course - both your families, I hope you'll get the support you need from them too. Good luck with your result. Hope all goes well

  • Aw im sorry to hear that, i hope you get the result you want at your scan! But Thank you, i'll do that. We have told his mum and dad ( they are separated and he lives with his grandparents) and they are being so supportive it made me well up, it was lovely thanks again x

  • Monkey3456 how did you get on at your doc appointment?? Do you know how many weeks you are?

  • I did a urine sample and i get my results back thursday, but i told him i did 7 tests in all and they came back positive since Christmas ( i did 4 this week after i doubted the miscarriage ) he aggreed theres only a very small chance im not pregnant then he worked out the dates on a graph and said im roughly around 11 weeks x

  • I reckon you are. I showed up pregnant on 12th dec then miscarried 3 days later did a test 4 weeks after and it was negative so we would of been about the same. Fingers crosed for you. Have you told your mum yet or gonna wait until you get the result from the docs as you were worried about telling her when you first found out.

  • Thank you, i just can't wait until Thursday just to confirm things because im pretty sure i am, im sorry to hear about your miscarriage, i hope your ok

  • Good luck with your results tomorrow let us know how you get on :-)

  • It was positive! :) And i rang the hospital today and they're sending me a letter with my dating scan date:) im getting excited already :)

  • Congratulations to you both. Make sure you eat a very good diet, rest well and drink plenty of water as this has been linked to how your child develops, even how brainy they become! You will be entitled to free prescriptions and dental appointments, so if you don't want to spend money on supplements you can get them from your doctor. Those on very low wages can get vouchers for healthy food. There's lots of advice on health on the NHS website and for money go onto the Money Advice Service, these are government-run and you can trust the advice. Good luck and enjoy x

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