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clear blue digital 1-2 weeks


hi all I had a miscaridge in early December I was 6 weeks pregnant, we were told by the doctor we could try again right away which we did as I am 35 and very aware of my body clock, I started to have sore breasts in the last few days and to feel so tired even if I have lots of sleep, so this afternoon after work I took a test a clear blue digital and it says I'm 1-2 weeks, I don't know what to think I want to be excited but I also feel very nervous and don't know whether to trust the test, if any one has any advice I would be very greatfull my husband is away on holiday so I can't speak to him until later. many thanks

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Hi I had an early miscarriage in December too at 4 weeks and we are trying again now. I had a strange period this time so done another test and it say's negative. Have you missed a period? I would wait until you are due on then do another one as a missed period is a sure sign at being pregnant and if you do another test and is goes up in weeks then I would deffinatly say you are.

thanks, I haven't had a period since miscarriage in Dec, I have taken a test today first thing and I am pregnant very nervous and excited.

Hi I had a miscarrige in dec and I was 10 weeks pregnant. I have also started trying again but husbands feeling a little pressured so trying not to hard but constantly thinking about what would of been. When I had miscarrige the nurses told me not todo clear blue tests because they can b a little inaccurate. But all I can say is take it easy and congratulations. I don't think I will get pregnant for a while but fingers crossed, I had a period on the 8th of jan so I'm back on track. But good luck xxx

Hi clear blue is used by gps and also recommended by them. It would be best to make an appoinment with your gp and if you still have both tests take them with you to show him/her they may ask you to have the HCG pregnancy blood test as this will determin if you have the hcg hormone present in your system and how high it is hope this helps. good luck x


I had a feeling I was pregnant and did a clear blue and it come up 1-2 weeks, before an officially missed period, 5 days actually the same as when I got a + with my 3yo except my 1st test read 2-3 . Anyway i Retested 5 days later and it had gone to 2-3 weeks, then retested 4 days later and had gone to 3+ weeks so in 9 days I had gained 2 weeks! It could b only a day or even hrs off the reading for a stronger result . I am now 10 weeks ,still early I know and can't wait for my scan.

I could very well be that ur pregnant, the only thing I would b worried about if I was u is the possibility that you still have remaining hormone levels from last time so could be a false + as these tests are so sensitive, but if you lost ur symptoms and now there back again that could b a good sign.

I know lots of ladies that have miscarried some numerous times and gone on to have happy healthy babies, I fortunately have never experienced 1 myself but is still a massive worry of mine, I had tried nearly 2 years for this pregnancy and 9 months with my son .

I wish you all the best, maybe a trip tour gp for a blood test to clarify for you.

After my misscarriage in 2011 the docs said to wait for a missed period, also your hormones from the previous pregnancy lasts about two to three weeks after. I reckon you are pregnant as enough time has passed. Fingers crossed x I would get a blood test done at the docs, if te level is low then it will be right for two o three weeks. Also my first symptom was sore breasts and tiredness, I'm now 18 weeks :)

thanks everyone I will b we making as an appointment to see the gp fingers crossed.

Hi how are things ?

Hi I'm new on here and I'm around your age I'm 37 and I compleat lay understand where your at I've had 5 miscarriages and still trying. My stomach always turns when it comes back positive, try and think about what you have inside you, I was once told in the first few weeks it's in the hands of the gods, and it made me angry cause people don't know how you feel unless they have gone through it like myself. I'm keeping everything crossed it will turn out great. Remember what doesn't kill you does make you stronger, I know you may think that's harsh but in some kind of way It helps me cope every time. Hope I've helped you and good luck xx

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