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Nearly at 28 weeks and feeling it!

Oh boy what a difference a few weeks make, I'm heavy very obviously pregnant, and I waddle, I can only walk a few meters before backache sets in, but it goes away rapidly if I sit down for a couple of minuets. My back hurts standing for too long, and hoovering. I've been swollen all the way through my pregnancy, and my feet look like puffballs, haven't seen my ankles for months. Lol, but I don't really care. Baby has been kicking so hard that, my husband saw my tummy change shape, and finally got the timing right so that he could feel a good kick, suddenly it seems a lot more real to him. Hubby is getting stressed out trying to get builders in before our new arrival, and I can start shopping for baby this Wednesday. I'm huge people can't get passed me in a hallway, when I went to look at baby clothes and nappies it started to sink in, oh boy this is real. Sounds silly I know.

Finally got baby brain my memory is off,only to be replaced with cat like reflexes. Can't think anymore right now will blog again soon. Good job I can laugh at myself :)

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Im almost 29 weeks and caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror this morning and thought Christ is that me!! Im huge - my partner said yea you've been like that since Christmas lol!! How I haven't noticed god only knows.

My back is also killing me, I even have started to struggle on my 30 mins walk to work, having to sit down for 5 mins half way.

I know it'll all be worth it in the end :-D

Take care x


Wow, not long to go, going to be so worth it, good luck xx


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