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could i be pregnant

Hi i am 30 and been trying for a baby for a while, i had half of my right tube removed last year due to a cyst so just wondering if its possible to be pregnant? my period was due on 12th Jan and althought had a tiny sign of blood this morning i,ve had nothing since, no period pains or nothing. My breasts have felt heavier and tingly but no sickness signs or anything? Is it possible for me to be pregnant?

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it is possible hun. best to wait as i have had late periods before when its been 6 weeks. if you're normally pretty regular it might be an idea to get a test but its only a week late at the moment,


It's sounds as though you could be - the bleeding could have been the result of implantation. If you are late for your period the best thing would be to do a test. Good luck!


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