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Rib pain/ burn

I'm 20 weeks and have been experiencing pretty severe pain in lower left ribcage for a couple of months now. It seems worse after I eat and in the evenings and is a little better if I lie flat on my back, stretch my back out or massage it. Have seen online some people experience similar pains in the last trimester from the baby kicking but wondered if anyone had any ideas for so early and any suggestions? Have this every day really. Rib is tender to touch and juts out a little. Had a little pain on right side but less often and less intense.

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Apparently this can happen with high blood pressure. But equally it could be heartburn? Have you told your midwife?


Hey, thanks. I mentioned it to the midwife a couple of months ago, she didn't sound concerned, think I'll ask her again at my next appointment- mid feb. I thought heartburn would be higher up? This is below my bra, unless maybe heartburn feels different when pregnant, maybe is just dietary then. They've been doing the usual blood pressure checks, but I'll make sure she checks at next appointment too! Just be great to figure out why n try n dull down, is very sore!!!


Have a look at this link:



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