Am i pregnany-funny taste in mouth +coffee

I was wondering if any1 could help please? I've been having a funny taste+feeling at the back of my tongue and it just won't go away? Coffee now taste funny(like really weak and watery i would say? I have been having alof of clear white or somerimes whitish discharge too? Also it smells strong but doesn't hurt or itch?i have pcso and this would be my 5th prenancy(3of my own and been a surrogate too for 4th)last pregnancy i had cramping pains but not this time?also when i'm smoking it feels like your smoking nothing because


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  • I went off tea and milk before I knew! Smoking? Hopefully u will give up if your are pregnant, but I guess that's your choice!

  • i always give up smoking when i know i'm pregnant! it just that at moment when when i'm smoking its like smoking nothing and also suffering with bad constipation,it took with my first 5 and a half weeks b4 a test showed positive(app arently gyn said this could have been down to me having pcos because it effects all your hormone levels) just wish i knew.

  • If u r pregnant how far along could u possibly be? Some docs can do u a blood test to get an accurate result. People with pcos r usually at a higher risk of ectopic pregnancies so finding out sooner is better for u then it can b monitored x

  • Hi I'm in the same boat as u I have pcos it takes me ages to find out I am 9 days late just wish I could do a test straight away to find out

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