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Early miscarriage in December when to try again

I had an early natural miscarriage in December at 4 weeks. 4 weeks later when my period was due I had a strange period which was just old blood and not really like my normal period but it was at the correct time that I normally come on. As it is strange I have done two test a week apart and both come out negative so it isn't that I am pregnant. What I am basically asking is do you think I can class that as my period before trying again or should I wait until I have a "normal" period?? Did anyone else have this after an early miscarriage?

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Hi i had a medical termination when i was 17 weeks pregnant and the doctor told me tht the first 6week after having it i was more likey to get pregnant i asked if i should wait to try again and the doctor said its up to how i feel.. Hope that helps abit x


Hi, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I had one back in April when I was five to six weeks and felt very low afterwards because even though it was so early we'd already started to plan and hope. The advice I was given was that we could try again straight away and did not need to wait. However it took until November to get pregnant again, but I think the delay will have been down to my age (40). Hope it happens again soon for you.


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