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implantation bleeding?


Hi I think I might be having implantation bleeding sorry to go into too much info but had sex with my partner on the 10th jan, 14th, 16th my ovulation week is 14th - 19th today is the 18th and there is very light water pink blood but only when I wipe myself. Could it be implantation bleeding?

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If you managed to fertilise the egg, this would take seven days then it would implant into your lining, I had implantation signs I was experiencing cramping and felt like i was coming on my period.

It is possible what u have is implantation bleeding, if you fertilised the egg on thev10th.

Good luck x

Sorry me again was just thinking surley it's to soon for implantation bleeding? Very confused

To fertilise your egg it will be seven days then a further seven days to implantation, so what I meant to say was its too early for implantation, hence they say the two week wait!

hi guy, im having the same kind of problem when i first passed urine this morning there was no such blood in toilet only on tissue a v light pinky colour that was about 8am and since ive had nothing ive been checkin myself but nothing ive got no cramps or pain im just worried as i had a ectopic preg in july and had my right tube removed i have a scan booked tuesday to check my tube is clear but with the snow im not sure i will make it there

Hi, I too have had a similar problem- and had no idea that implantation bleeding or spotting was such a common thing...

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for the last few months. We last had sex on the week leading up to and during my ovulation stage of my cycle on the week of Jan 4th. Last week I experiences some brownish discharge and slight bleeding (only noticable on toilet paper). I used a clear blue pregnancy test today that can be used a few days before your period is due. The result has shown a very faint cross - which indicates early stages of pregnancy. According to the instructions I should now wait 2 or 3 days before I test again for a definate result - fingers are crossed. I don't know how i'm going to wait a few days....

So, it might be worth buying a clear blue pregnancy test - they are a little pricey but can give you an early indication which might then put your mind at rest...

Thank you for all advise took a clear blue digital test today and found out I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant so the doctor will date it 4-5 weeks :)

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