Non identical twins x

Hi everyone, I had my scan today and they found two sacks one had a baby in and a very strong fast heart beat the other I could see something small within but no heartbeat, they have said they are non identical so it is possible that the other is a couple of days behind. Has anyone else experienced this? I am six weeks plus three. Obviously I know there is a chance that it may not make it but when you know there's two you want them both it's only natural xxx

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first of all Congratulations for Twins and i hope in ur next scan you get to see other baby's heart beat.. sorry don't know anything about twin pregnancy but will pray that eveything truns out fine for you and obviously when you fiind out they r twins u want both of them. GOOD LUCK x

Thank you so much dsphoie x

I am pregnant with non identical twins and one is slightly smallee than the other. What did they say in terms of when your next scan is, is it at 20 weeks? If so then just eat well and rest up and im sure they will catch up with each other. I guess there could be the chance if the smaller one is a lot smaller then it won't survive but if I hsve learnt anything during my pregnancy its that positive feelings and trying not to stress is the best thing. Good luck and congrats xxxx

Hi Gabrielle my next scan is on the 25th of this month as I'm still in the early stages. But yes your right positive thoughts are the way forward. I find it hard with a previous miscarriage but this is definitely not the same pregnancy as I keep telling myself :) good luck to you!! How far along are you? X

I was pregnant with faternal twins aswell but I miscarried one at nearly 5weeks and there was only one sac left when I had my scan the next day.. But I'm now 24 weeks with my little fighting warrior.. Good luck hope everything goes great x

Im so sorry to hear you lost one of your twins but very happy you have a little fighter in there x good luck

Thank you it is hard but gotta be strong for my son x

Im 13 weeks so still pretty early on, one thing I did find out was that I needed to up the amount of vitamins I was taking as with twins you need more than say pregnacare give.

Gemmw I am so sorry for your loss, its such a battle to stay strong, apparently with twins when one doesn't make it all its nutrients pass to the other twin making it stronger. So you'll always have them both even if its in one baby xxx

Hi dear, I'm also pregnant with non-identical twins, now 22 weeks, but from beginning of my pregnancy one baby is little bit smaller than the other. I would say 6weeks is still very early to say what coming, I think you should wait until 12weeks scan where they could tell you more for sure. On my 12week scan one baby was 0.5cm smaller,but doctor said it is normal and important is development of organs.After 20week anomaly scan are all organs developed very well for both babies, and there is 60grams difference between them- maybe it's also because the bigger one is boy and smaller is probably girl.....So do not stress yourself too much and be positive on mind, and everything will be OK..

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