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Cold remedies when pregnant?

Hi ladies,

Does anyone know of a good cold remedy? I went to the pharmacist today who said I could use Olbas oil sparingly, no Vicks and no throat sweets such as strepsils, lockets etc. can anyone recommend anything? I have been taking paracetamol sparingly. I am busy knocking back hot water, lemon and honey... Would appreciate any help or suggestions? Thanks ladies.

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hi, i had alot of hot lemon and honey when i was pregnant, i took paracetamol too, just every other week and the throat sweets whenever i needed too. as far as i'm aware, everything is fine in moderation,and my daughter turned out fine and no pregnancy problems. i would say take as usual just half the amounts and only when you absolutely need too if you're worried. x


I have had really bad nasal congestion and I used vix in a hot bowl of water and breathed this in,brilliant results, never been told not to use vix!

For a really sore throat I gargle warm salt water, yuk but it works, it kills the bacteria

Really bad back ache I use non medicinal heat pads

Carpel tunnel syndrome or in my case shin splints, cold peas compress

Hope this helps


Thank you very much pollybee3 and skyblueboston. Much appreciated. Feeling a little sorry for myself currently so will try the Vicks in a bowl of water and the gargling of warm salt water. Thanks for the other tips too, I hope this helps the other mums to be with their symptoms too! X


I had cold a few months back at the beginning of my pregnancy, the jar of Vicks actually says not to use if pregnant, but I spoke to the pharmacists, and he said everything pretty much is off limits when your pregnant because they can't ethically do tests with the product on pregnant women to see if it's safe. Which I totally understand, but I personally wouldn't chance it.

My soar throat was killing me, so I sucked fox's glacier mints, it helped my throat a little, but mostly, the mint helped to clear my nose too. Which was a bonus. I just took my multivitamins and plodded on mostly. But if it's really bad, ask your midwife what she recommends you can have. Hope this is of some help. Feel better x


you can use Vicks as long as you are not ingesting it, it's safe to use. I rubbed this on my chest for about 2 weeks in order to get through a cold! hasn't done me or bubs any harm at all!


Thanks Rachel, that's great. I do understand their point of view, so am sticking with natural as we mums to be don't want to chance it! I will try the sweets and see if that helps. Thanks again! X


Hurrah thanks Tigernoodles, am on the Olbas oil very sparingly which helps x


im suffering from cold at the moment too, or so i think it is :/ had flu jab last week so not sure its the after effects of that or not.

but i went to the pharmacy yesterday and asked if there was anything i could take as i'm almost 14weeks pregnant, her reply was that she cannot sell me anything other than paracetamol and halls soothers as they are a mild throat sweet as apposed to the extra strong ones x


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