Late period, negative test, pregnant?

Hi i need some advice, we've been trying for a baby since april last year. I have irregular periods with a 36/37 day cycle. This time my period hasn't arrived, we're currently on day 42 with no sign. I did a test yesterday but it was negative although i have had a few symptoms - swollen stomach, tiredness, off my food, light cramps but not painful more uncomfortable and bloated. All help and or advice appreciated

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  • Did you use a clear blue? If not, you should get one, they are the most reliable ones. And use the first urine of the morning as the hcg-level usually is highest then. The symptoms sound good, so good luck to you :)

  • hi newlywed, no i used another type and tested when i got home from work - will give it a couple of days then try with first morning urine using a clear blue. i'm just worried as i had what the doctors at the hospital think was a burst ovarian cyst last sept and some of the symptoms (late period, swollen stomach) are similar to how i feel now apart from the lack of abdominal pain.

  • As long as you don't feel any pain, I would try not to worry too much about this. You do have some additional symptoms after all! If it starts to hurt, you should go and see a doctor, but there's a good chance it is not a cyst. Fingers crossed!

  • I am 12 days late and had some clear CM leading up to period which has started again... My other symptoms are feeling very tired and lethargic... Any ideas I did 2 HPT last week both negative.. I don't feel pregnant so know its not that.

  • thanks for the advice newlywed, i guess only time & another test will tell. In the meantime i will be straight to my doctors if i feel pain anything like i did in sept as it was awful :( fingers crossed it's pregnancy as both my fiance and i would be delighted! :)

  • Update - my period arrived today, day 43. It seems it was an unusually long cycle. A little bit disappointed but relieved it's not another ovarian cyst :)

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