How likely am I to be pregnant?

Me and my hubby having been having sex every 2 days (so far) through out this month. We are hoping that we are pregnant. What are the chances of me being pregnant? Been trying for another baby over a year. Has anyone else tired this method before and find that they were expecting? Also any tips and advice would be good

Thnkz ladies :)

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  • If you have normal period and have no fertility issues then you have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant every month. I would use ovulation sticks to pin point the exact day u ovulate so u dont tire yourself out having sex every two days. When u know your ovulation day have sex two days before, on the day and two days following to make sure u have a reserve of sperm inside u! Sorry if tmi! Also you can use pre seed which is a sperm friendly lubricant. Also try not to smoke or drink and get fit:) this worked for me and I have pcos. I'm now 17 weeks. Good luck

  • Hey hun thnkz 4 answerin and congratz on ur pregnancy. Can plz explain what tmi standz 4? And also where can I get pre seed and ovulation kits from?

  • TMI means:- to much information. You can get ovulation calenders on the internet if you type it in google, just put in Ovulation calender and the first day of your last period and how long your cycle is then it will give you a rough guide of when you will be at your most fertile to conceive. Ovulation packs can get picked up from supermarkets or chemist by the pregnancy test but they are expensive. Good luck:-)

  • Hi, definitely you are doing the right things to get pregnant. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and it took me about a year after having a miscarriage to get pregnant. I had a blood test through GP which can confirm if you are ovulating by measuring your hormones. I would advise the blood test as its a sure way of confirming that there is no ovulation problem. I had been trying for a year and ironically the cycle that I had the blood test in was the cycle where I became pregnant (pure co-incidence). If women arn't ovulating there is medication which can be arranged by your GP which stimulates ovulation. Other tips which I think helped me conceive after one year of trying are .. both times I got pregnant I was taking omega 3 fish oil supplements about 3 months before. I'm sure these fish oil tablets helped me conceive. Be careful not to take cod liver oil as it is high in Vitamin A which is bad for develiping babies, you can get omega 3 fish oil supplements from high street retail that don't contain vitamin A. The other thing which I am convinced help me to conceive is not to drink soy milk. I was drinking loads of ths stuff everyday. After a year of trying I thought about my diet and researched soy milk, apparently it is high in a plant sterol which mimicks oestrogen, so when I was drinking loads of its daily it was raising my oestogen levels which was like being on the pill! I conceived within 3 weeks of cutting soy milk out of my diet... hope all this helps, good luck.

  • Thnkz ladies n dis info does help. Keep us updated on your pregnancy n when u hve ur babies. Good luck with ur pregnancy and hopefully i will have good news to share soon. Fingers crossedX

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