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Could I be pregnant?

I've been having symptoms that have got me worried over whether I could be pregnant, though I've got this paranoia about becoming pregnant since I'm just not at the right time in life to be pregnant.

Anyway, here are my symptoms.

- Sore lower back. I do have IBS and I am constipated which could explain this

- My stomach has been acting oddly. One morning I woke up, felt a little hungry then all of a sudden I was feeling sick, burped then it was gone. The other morning, it was more sickness with a few burps but the feeling went then this morning, I had a load of burps while feeling sick.

- I'm very pale, with cool skin which I know could be anaemic which could be due to pregnancy.

- My breasts aren't tender and the nipple area hasn't changed colour but they do have pains, especially my left one.

I last had unprotected sex on Saturday as well 29th or 22nd December.

It's really worrying me that I could be pregnant but as it seems, it doesn't look like I have any of the usual symptoms.


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Any of these symptoms could point o pregnancy and also not! If u miss your period then this is a sure sign,. When do u normally ovulate? If u have had sex either side of these days or on the day then u have a 20% chance of being pregnant, it takes two week after ovulation to get a positive some women may get it a few days before. Test asap


Shoot, I knew I forgot that in. I don't get my periods anymore due to the pill I'm on. I haven't had a period in a couple of years.


Do a pregnancy test. Just to be sure hunX


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