Rhesus negative and pains - 6 weeks plus 3

Hi everyone

I wonder if anyone can help. Yesterday I had some light pink spotting/ discharge which had a tinge of blood in it but not massive amounts. Is it right that you don't need to have anti d if you are under twelve weeks? This is all new to me I found out I was rhesus negative from my previous miscarriage. I have also experienced what I would say was quite painful muscle aches around my uterous but a the moment this has subsided. I am worried that things are starting to take the same pattern as my missed miscarriage obviously i really hope it isn't. Has anyone experienced this and been ok? I am booked in for an early scan tomorrow that I don't really want as I feel it's a difficult waiting game I between scans but it has to be done xxxx


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  • I'm not rhesus neg but read up on this, normally you get injections from week 20 if you experience bleeding, if not then from week 25. However I read that if you have a small bleed earlier you may need to start injections to stop your blood mixing with the babies. I'm not a doctor. So personally I would speak to them on Wednesday and get the best advice from them.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks yes I am going to ask them for definite. Just hope everything's ok tomorrow x

  • Good luck I hope all is good for u x

  • hi i'm rhesus negative. in this pregnancy i had bleeding in my 7 week and 9 week only when i wiped thought i was haveing an other MC, but i wasn't given anti D... they said i need it when i turn 28 weeks and after the baby is born. coz i remember i had MC befor this pregnancy and they didn't give me any anti D... i hope everything turns out fine with you when you go for a scan...GOOD LUCK x

  • Hi thanks for your reply, I feel better if they didn't give u it in the early days this silly blood type does give us added worries. I am scared about tomorrow but I need to go and face up to it hopefully this time everything will be ok. I'm trying to keep as positive as I can. Good luck to you too xxxx

  • I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and they didn't manage to get the anti d into me in time for it to work. Unfortunately the baby blood must have mixed with mine, and it must have been a positive blood group, because in the follow up test a few months later, I was positive for antibodies, and it has made my current pregnancy more complicated and stressful, so my advice would be to talk to a doctor about as soon as you possibly can. Time is a factor if you are trying to prevent issues in the future, and I don't think that being under 12 weeks is any protection against blood mixing.

    Of course it doesn't necessarily mean that your blood has mixed, nor that either this or a future pregnancy would have a positive blood group, in which you will be able to relax about it. But better safe than stressed out! Good luck, hope everything is OK.

  • Thanks for your reply rhibot!! I'm hoping I got my anti d on time as I had a medical miscarriage and practically no bleeding at all throughout that pregnancy. They tested my blood in hospital and gave me the injection the same day so fingers crossed its ok. I have been told offmultiple drs now that unless you have a massive bleed ie miscarry under twelve weeks you dont need anti d until you are at least 12 weeks. Sorry to hear you have had a stressful time I can well imagine how it's been for you. Good luck for the future x

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