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It works!

I'm so excited today I got my fetal doppler through the post , I had mixed feelings but this particular brand had fantastic write ups.

So I'm 17 weeks tomorrow, so I didn't need a full bladder, I smothered my bump in ultrasound gel, and went for it!

I found the baby in less than a minute and could hear its heartbeat loud clear and much faster than mine so no confusion there!

Also I could hear the baby movingitcwas like whooshing, not surprisingly the baby darted from one side to the other so fast lol

I would recommend 100% to all nervous mums to be, my day has started on a massive high

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Exciting isn't it! I got an angel Doppler at about 16 weeks. I know midwifes tend to disapprove ( in case we get stressed at not hearing baby) but its the best £30 I've spent! Now near 23 weeks sound is louder and realy feel helps bond and give peace of mind.

I've always found the beat straight away

Happy pregnancy A x


That's the one I have got:) yep the best £30 I ever spent xxx


Hope you are still counting the kicks, though! Only way to be sure everything is fine, even if you have a fetal Doppler :)


when can you use one of these from? x


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