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And it said 'Hi'

I was scared all this while because of nothing like most of the first time mum-to-be. After reading certain people having miscarriages or nearly so after making love we completely avoided any kind of vaginal insertions since we got to know that 'We' are pregnant. And yes we had two major fights when I nearly went breathless and wanted a divorce :P (guess I am blessed with a really nice husband who just tries to calm me down even when I am being really mad).

Today its my younger brother's birthday, that is the only kid I remember seeing as a baby, this day 25 years ago I was nearly 4 years and I went to the hospital in the afternoon to meet my baby brother (BTW I prayed everyday since my second year to get a baby brother, so I take almost all the credit of his being born :P). My comments on watching him was - 'This is exactly how I wanted him to be !!' ... the amazement in my tone and the granny like comment made it an epic story in the whole family - much to my annoyance later on because anything stupid he would do he would take the cover of 'thats how you wanted me to be like' :P Annoying little siblings !!

And now 25 years later we went for a baby scan and the baby lifted its tiny hands to say 'Hello' husband was so pleased to see it moving all around and yes in my heart I was glad because once again that is how I wanted it to be - a healthy baby nicely growing - safe and sound :)

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Aww congratulations, that's a lovey story!x


cute! :) xxx


thank you ladies - yesterday in the kitchen I already got the thought of doing it again maybe after 4-5 years :) (so fa i have a big huge declaration to the world this is the only baby i would have for all that irritating pregnancy moments they bring with them) - that seems to be little changing already - maybe ;)


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