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Multivitamin for pre-pregnancy in LIQUID form

Hi i have looked for days online with no joy. I need to put on weight and take a multivitamin/mineral, but cannot swallow tablets so want it in liquid form. I cannot find any that contain them all. Floradix does not have many of the needed things, and other chewable ones or fizzy again don't contain all vitamins needed for pregnancy etc...

Does anyone know of a good brand that makes a syrup?


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I am not aware of any drinkable mulitvitimains that have all you will need during your pregnancy. I would have a chat with your midwife or gp as they may knowing exactly were to go for them or your gp may be able to prescribe it. i am not sure if vitabiotics do a drinkable form of mulitvitimains thats have everything in x


Hi thanks for getting in touch. My folks are enquiring in Italy...and my gp is calling me on Mon. I don't have a midwife yet...need to get pregnant first haha...hence the vitamins intake enquiry as i need a boost (underweight). I also called my fertility clinic and hopefully they will get back to me soon...if you hear anything from anyone pls egt in touch x


I know u can get liquid iron, but not heard of a multi vitamin. Your dr would be the person to ask. They have lists of suppliers for everything. Good luck x


Have you thought about trying something like 'Build Up' to gain some weight? Its available from your pharmacy or supermarkets. My sister used it when she needed to gain weight after an illness


Hi carciofo

Just wondered if you found a good liquid multivitamin as I too am looking.



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