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Back to normal

Hey guys, just to update, after my moscarraige in november and continuous visits to the hospital, the test has now gone back to negative, so me and my boyfriend can start to try again. Im a bit nervous incase it happens again and how long it will take to conceive again. We want to try and conceive quickly. I had a little bleeding this morning, nothing major, im not sure if its a little period or something else. I have no pains.

We just hipe we can be successful quicker and everything will b ok 2nd time round

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lots of baby luck your way hon. Would keep you in prayers and hope to hear some joyful news from you in near future ! Enjoy making babies :)


Thanks very much, means a lot :)


Good luck, hopefully like me second time lucky, lots of baby dust xxx


Thank you. Good luck to u also (if ur not already pregs) :) xx


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