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Help me - Anbacterial soap use!!!

Hi I wonder if any one can help put me at ease. I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and I have just realised that antibacterial soaps can be harmful for pregnant women! From what I can make out Triclosan is the main bad ingredient! Why did I not think to check this out?? apparently it can be in toothpaste too. Now im worrying that I could have harmed my baby. Obviously I am NEVER going to use it again but can someone tell me what soap is ok to use moving forward and toothpaste?

Thanks xx

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Omg! Never heard of this, to be honest I think it's way over the top worrying what soap u use, if this was a real issue then it would be printed in pregnancy books and wider known knowledge. If u are worried, opt for an Eco friendly or natural soap as they use no chemicals.

Good luck with your pregnancy.


Yes that sure is me over the top lol ; ) with having a previous misscarriage I want to do anything I can to protect my baby obviously yes im going to get Dove or something along those lines I think. Thanks for your reply x


Same here I'm a worrier about everything, due to having a misscarriage too! Good luck Hun xx


I'm a vet and use a triclosan product daily for 'scrubbing up' and did through my last pregnancy too. I havent seen this before nor is there anything on the products data sheet and my 3 year old is happy, healthy and bright! I could be wrong but dont think triclosan is in many bog standard anti bac soaps anyway. Hope this helps.


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