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Second Pregnancy going so quick

Me and my fiance and our little girl were marking off on the calender for the new additions arrival and ticking off what we have bought as we thought that this would be a good way to involve are 3 year old and prepare her for her baby brother and we have relised we only have 17 weeks left with our daughter the pregnancy draged on. So can't wait to be a mum again

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Congratulations! I was surprised yesterday when I counted down 23 weeks left for me, I'm so excited aswell, this is my first yeah!

I think the way you are involving your little girl is great, she must feel so important!


thank you. I was told by my midwife that it all depends on when you find out she advised if you find out at 5 weeks then it can tend to seem longer but if you find out nearer 10 -11 weeks it can go quicker.


I agree, can u believe I found out at two week madness!


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