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Which type of magnesium supplement is recommended while pregnant?

I'm nearly 23 weeks pregnant and have trouble sleeping. I also have an underactive thyroid and via a thyroid post on anoher forum I discovered that magnesium is a wonderful mineral for helping with insomnia and many other ailments, such as cramps, migraines, aches to name a few. So I've been using Magnesium oil as that is safe for use during pregnancy and apparently is the best way to get magnesium absorbed into your body quickly. But I'm getting through the oil quickly and would like to try some supplements as well. I know that supplements can have a laxative effect which I don't want at the moment! There appears to be several sorts of magnesium supplements, ie mag citrate, mag sulphate to name just two,there is also a lot of conflicting information out there as to which is safe during pregnancy. So if any of you have taken magnesium supplements during pregnancy and found them to be a safe (and non laxative!) Please can you let me know what you took.

Many thanks


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Hi, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have been taking Holland and Barrett brand Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc which contains Magnesium Oxide. I've had no problems with it! I take itfor leg cramps as well as the other tthings you mention. I have to say, maybe I'm too laid back, but I didn't really investigate which was the best form to take magnesium in, I just took it! Baby is doing absolutely fine. Good luck!


I would disagree. Magnesium oxide has poor absorbency. It is a great stool softener though. Moreover, for better bone health combination of Mg, D3 and K2 are a better choice than old fashion Mg, Ca, Zn. Ca is quite easy to get in diet anyways compared to Mg.

I am taking magnesium malate.

Here is some research.. very inconclusive :(


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