Can someone tell if they are pregnant after 2 weeks, even though they have not missed a period?

A ex has told me she is pregnant and its mine, she says she is now 2 weeks gone but she knew that after only 10 days she was pregnant. she had a period approximate 3 weeks ago and she is on the pill but said she wasnt taking them properly over christmas, Please help as I'm going out my mind

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  • It takes two weeks to show positive on a pregnancy test. So from the day of ovulation, if your trying for a baby your supposed to have lot of sex around the two fertile days, it's called the two week wait, if you concieved the earliest positive is 14 days after ovulation. Seems a bit early to me, if her period was three weeks ago, she should only be able to tell usually when you miss your period even if your a day late u could get a positive. Also once you have ovulated it takes seven days for the egg to be fertilised!

  • Clear blue will give you a positive potentially from 5 days before your period is due but not for everyone but when did you split up? Would have expected conception be a week to 10 days ago. It does seem a bit far fetched. Good luck.

  • I wonder when you say that your ex says she knows, is she referring to a test she has done, or a feeling that she is pregnant? I'd try not to stress too much and wait for the science to confirm either way and buy a test or two. Maybe one to test now and another when / if she misses her period. My understanding is that you need to be a day late for a period before the test result will show properly.

  • My cousin new as it was her second and about a week after sex she was chucking up and she rang me to say she was pregnant & a pregnancy test confirmed that a few weeks later. Some women know some don't. I'd ask her to take a pregnancy test in two weeks (if she's not pregnant she could have a period by then)

  • I found out I was pregnant 13 days after I conceived and it was 4 days before my period was due so yeah it is possible

  • I found out I was pregnant about 10days after conception and now my baby doesn't have his dad because he's done what your doing and not believe it because u think its too early and nt possible.. Well it is.. And for everY one going on bout periods.. They are no indication as to if your pregnant or not... So don't wait around for more periods.. Get her to do a clear blue digital with conception indicator and u can see for your self how far she is

  • Hunny its gona sound grim but id ask her nicely to do a pregnancy test whilst u are with her get her to pee in a cup then test it when ur in the room if she cares about u she wont take offence so just bw nice about it and if she is preg regardless of wether ur friends or not your going to be a dad and its an amazing experience xx

  • thanks for all the answers and feedback, turns out she was lying, a very cruel and sick thing to do but thanks for your help

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