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Vaginal delivery after emergency c section

Dear all, I just want to hear your experiences and what your advice would be. With my first pregnancy I was induced at 42 weeks and endeded up having an emergency c sectio when labour wouldn't progress. It was a pretty traumatic experience as contractions started in the early hours of Monday morning and I finally met my baby at 2.40am Thursday morning. I'm now 15 weeks into my second pregnancy. I'm consultant led care due to what happened last time and today met my consultant. I've felt pretty relaxed about it all up until today. I was offered another c section but then felt cornered into choosing a normal delivery. She was nice but frightened the living daylights out of me with why I should opt for a vaginal birth. Now I'm totally confused, and really anxious as because of my previous labour and birth both options are now really scaring me. Has anyone been in a similar situation? can anyone offer me any reassurance/advice? Thank you

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Hi Kaley

I'm sure others will reply more fully, but just wanted to sympathise and say that

you don't need to be making this decision now, there is loads of time to see how things go. There is no reason why your situation should happen again. It could be really helpful if you ask to review the notes of your first labour as soon as possible with a midwife so you can clearly see what happened. Best wishes to you.


hi, my first was the same taken in at 10 days over to be induced started off Monday had emergency section due to the oxytocin (sp?) was making her heartbeat drop. 5 yrs later 2nd pregnancy and the.consultant wasn't too nice because i was slightly bigger she made me feel like i had no choice about planned section at 39weeks unless baby came before that which he didn't. currently 27 weeks with 3rd but different consultant who said if i want section at 39weeks it is my choice i can wait and see if it will happen naturally. but i know i probably won't go naturally so will.need section. just make sure u r given an option and not told what to do, some doctors can be very is ur body and bab but i would speak to ur midwife or if u r at the hospital more than community midwife, i always ask.the.midwife aT the hospital who most of the time r really friendly and helpful.


I'm in a similar position, ended up in an emergency section with my son who's now 3, waters ruptured a few days over due, labour started wed night born fri morning , baby was back to back so wasn't dilating as u should, baby had dramatic decelerations ( down in the 20s) , had pooed and come out with infection so extra days in hospital while he was given antibiotics . The only reason they could give me was he didn't like labour no specific reason. I was quite traumatized by the experience and had feelings of being a failure that I couldn't do it naturally, it has taken me a long time to come to terms with it and realize that actually as long as the baby's fine , no matter how they got her is the main thing , I mean I knew that anyway but for me to feel that it wasn't my fault.

Initially after having my son I was on the v back side for the chance to experience the natural birth but I don't think I could deal with trying natural labour only to end up in another emergency section. I wouldn't choose to section but it's the hand iv been delt so going with it, I am 8 weeks pregnant. Also iv been told I'm not missing out on much doing it naturally and some people are quite envious of me that I have a child and still all intact downbelow ( obviously they don't know the pain u go through for a section )

I only know 1 person who tried vback and ended up with section, she said it was worse than the 1st time. I know a few people went in for planned the 2nd time and say it was totally different and they were happy with decision.

I will b insisting on a section no matter what they say, I believe that if u do go to try for v back u have to try the 2nd time or not at all. Apparently u go in with the same chance of getting a section as any one else but the way I see it it didn't go in my favorite the 1st time so why would it the second and generally more successfull if the lady has previously delivered naturally b4 having a section.

I've also been told that they push for natural as it's cheaper on the nhs.

It's ur choice if u want to try then do so but if u want to do planned section insist on it.

Good luck


Hi Kaley,

We have some detailed information on vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC) here which may help you learn more about the risks and benefits

The decision is absolutely yours to make, so it may be a good idea to get as much information as you can to help you do what you are most comfortable with and feel is right for you and your baby.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Alice x


Hi Kaley,I am exactly the same. I had emergncy c-section with my first one and now 18 wks pregnant to my 2nd and been offered to wait till due date if not happen naturally again, will go to section without being induced this time. Then i've done a search about VBAC and found out it sometimes risky on some women,now i want to change my birth plan to elective c section if i can see a midwife before my 24th week so i can arrange my work and family. Hope this helps,good luck xxx


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