Can anyone recommend anything to help me sleep? I'm finding it really hard to drift off!

I am 20 weeks now and have been having trouble getting to sleep for a while. It's quite frustrating. I have one of those long pillows but doesn't seem to be helping much at the moment. I don't feel particularly stressed or worried so I shouldn't think that's the reason. Just can't seem to get to sleep!!

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  • I would say stop trying to sleep and just go to bed when u can't keep your eyes one lol, sometimes I think trying to sleep makes me more wide awake lol

  • Hmm...i guess that is true. It's funny, i can't sleep at night but when i'm on the train to and from work I can't keep my eyes open!

  • I'm the same I can't drift off to sleep. I feel tired but subconsciously I am obviously stressing about things to keep me awake. At the minute I am lying awake at 3 or 4 in the morning. I'm shattered

  • I couldn't sleep properly from about 5 months, and the last months I was wide awake and buzzing, cleaning the house at 2am, I say just go with it, if you feel awake, just get up, I stressed myself more trying to sleep. Read, Internet.

  • Glad to know i'm not the only one! Thanks ladies - maybe i'll try some internet shopping tomorrow night :-)

  • Im the same tired all day long at work i go home have my dinner shower and get into bed about 9ish, i take a milky drink and read a book and then my when my eyes are barely open ill turn the light off . but then all of a sudden im wide awake!!!

    and i cant sleep till 3 in the morning and im up at 6.30!! Its litterally killing me

    Can anyone help me at all

  • I'm nearly 23 weeks and am a bit of an insomniac that is worse during pregnancy. I've been using Magnesium oil and it really helps. I'm still normally awake for a couple of hours at some point during the night, but I just get a snack and read until I feel tired enough to get some more sleep. I got the Magnesium oil off Amazon for £7, it's made by BetterYou. I'm getting through it quickly and am about to post a question on here about the best magnesium supplement to take as there's a lot of conflicting info on the net. The oil is fine for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I've only just stopped breastfeeding my 2 year old. Give the oil a try, it's worth a go for £7.

  • Thanks carol Ill give it a go!

    Funnily enough i did get about 5 hours last night!!!

  • That's great, thanks! Will try that :-)

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