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Nervous Wreck

I am 19 weeks today and only have a really little bump, I am always worrrying that something is wrong or that something bad will happen, and the small bump is not helping, does anyone else feel like this? I have been feeling flutters for about a week now but really can't eait to feel a good kick. 20 week scan on 18th can't wait to see the little lump again x

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I can only go with my own experience,and as a larger lady I am usually larger while expecting! So consider your usual size and it is all relative!

Only worry about something that you can do something about, my latest motto!!

All the best x


I only had a small bump up until about 24 weeks then boom! Everyone has been saying i'm 'massive' since and i'm now 38 weeks. Trust me, you will find something to worry about no matter what stage of pregnancy your at :)

You must be having your 20 week scan soon, i'm sure that will reasure you xx


I'm 18 weeks and I only have the tiniest bump too and have a friend who's due 1 day before me and she was bigger at 9 weeks than I am now...... Also, when I saw the midwife (at GP surgery) at 16 weeks I mentioned it and she said that I was just size she'd expect. I think it is a very individual thing and I'm sure we'll catch up with everyone else! I'm sure your 20-week scan will help to reassure you - not long to go!


I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and all I've heard throughout this pregnancy is "Wow, you have a really tidy bump!", "You don't look that pregnant!", "People could easily just think you're fat!" (I'm not overweight), and as recently as a week ago, "You won't be having that baby anytime soon--you've still got plenty of growing to do!" That's of course all from people who have no idea what they're talking about. What my midwife and her tape measure say is that my baby has been consistently around the 90th percentile on the growth chart the whole time, so it seems even big babies can come in small packages. As for movements, just flutters is perfectly normal at 19 weeks--many women haven't felt anything at all at that stage. It's not that your baby isn't kicking up a storm in there, it's just that it has so much room to move still that it can do a full Jackie Chan routine without ever touching the sides. Trust me, when you have a foot lodged in between two ribs causing you terrible pain you'll look back on these first almost imperceptible flutters fondly ;)


Hello :)

Try not to worry, i know its hard but everything will be fine. I am 21 weeks now and for the last month or so I keep waking up in the night worrying about everything but there is nothing i can do about it. I have been feeling little flutters but nothing that I can call a kick yet and some days I feel nothing. I had my 20 week scan last week and everything was fine. Everyone is so different so try not to compare. Once the 18th comes you will feel so much better :)

Good Luck :)


Hi, don't worry. I am 36 weeks and while showing still look small. I had a 3d scan today and the baby is really big! I was worried too as I didn't look pregnant until I was about 28 weeks. Everyone is different, and on the plus side you'll feel more comfortable than if you were huge. Good luck xx


Im 27 weeks, I worry about if the baby is moving enough, my bumps too big, Im eating the correct foods etc etc.

You will always be worried for the little baby growing inside you.

At my 20 weeks scan the baby hardly moved at all, the sonographer had to shake my belly to make the baby move and told me that the placenta was at the front so could contribute to me not feeling 'kicks'. Maybe this is the same as you.

When you see the scan you will see that the baby still has masses of room to move around in so you wont be surprised that you cant feel it 'kick' quite yet.

I feel like since my 20 week scan I popped out and he certainly is making himself known now, i feel bigger each day. Just try not to worry, and look forward to seeing your little baby on screen again.

Take Care x


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