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Have I had a miscarriage?

Hi guys i need help as im so confused! I havent been taking my pill for around a year and a half now as me and my partner decided to see if nature would take it course so to speak. we are not actively trying tough as we are naturally very sexually active with each other anyway if that makes sense :/!!?? Anyway I was 8 days late for my period and a few days before it was beginning to think (and hope) i had conceived; my breasts were and still are hard and tender (for about two weeks now), they usually arent a symptom of AF coming for me either. I usually get a few nights of RLS around the time of AF and did so thought she would visit me, then nothing. Friday evening I had brownish very light spotting then nothing until Sunday morning, when I came on my period with extremely bad stomach cramps and back ache, not what i usually get, it actually woke me up. Then Sunday night, I bled quite heavily and a i lost few large clots (they actually shocked me). I have almost stopped bleeding now but usually my period lasts at least 5/6 days. Could i have miscarried? I havent mentioned anything to my partner as i hadnt actually taken a test to say I was pregnant im confused and losing hope!!I have a 7 year old son and had a period 2 weeks after my first missed one but that is it, its the clots that are worrying me more than anything, please help!!!

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Hi sorry to go through that. Go and see your Gp who will examine you and if necessary do some tests. If you however develop too much pain you can go to A& E, where they will also do tests, all the best.


Thanks for answering. The cramps only lasted until Sunday afternoon which is what i dont understand. And now Im just exhausted, cannot seem to get enough sleep, and kind of irritable and impatient and have really bad headache again. I cant take a test as still slightly bleeding so dont know what I can do ! My partner works nights so have no one to discuss it with at the moment, I'm at a total loose end :(


I think you should either go see your GP or go to A&E as you sound very worried, best to get some expert medical advice.


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