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I didn't get bounty pack from midwife.

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I had my first appointment with the midwife. But I didn't get bounty pack.

She told me that they ran out.

Is it possible to get it in any other way?

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Hey, when i was pregnant i got mine from boots. You can get them from boots an i think superdrug:)

That's great.

So just ask there? Do I need any proof of pregnancy?

I didn't get mine from my midwife I got mine from the hospital if u mean the pack with all the vouchers and stuff in, in like a folder type thing the u get your form to take to boots to collect Ur freebie bounty pack :)

I got 2 bounty packs from the hospital on my first scan. I then got the other one from Boots x

Yes boots or super drug I think. Also Argos supply Emma's diary goodie bags. Asda pharmacy have free packs. None need proof just ask:-) x

Before you can get the free pack you need to get the pregnancy info folder from the hospital at your 12 week scan and in there you have a coupon to get yor mum to be pack from auperdrug or boots go onto bounty.com it will have everything on there I have been using bounty since 2009 with my first and now am using it for my second

If you didnt get on this time maybe at your next midwife appointment you will get one.

The ones from boots are different to the one you get from the midwife.

Or call up your midwife and see if they have them so that you can collect one.

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