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pregnant and on Arthritis meds

I have just found out I'm pregnant and take various meds for arthritis. What is the likelyhood I've damaged the baby? I take Methatrexate once a week 20mg, dichlofenac 150mg once a day, hydroxychloraquinine twice a day, omeprazole 20mg, paracetamol with 30mg codine, amiltriptaline 50mg per day. If I had known I would've stopped imediately and seen the doctor. Thanks

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I think that's a question for your doctor. Wild mak ran appointment to see them ASAP


Sorry that should say I would make an appointment to see the, ASAP!!

Stupid predictive text on iPhone!!!!


I've got lupus & weaned myself off meds before conceiving, I still take plaquinel once a day, think dicofenac is ok, as is omperaxole, but methotrexate is a no no. Contact your doc ASAP, it's a chemotherapy drug & when I was on it I was told I should not get pregnant.

Hope everything goes well x


My ex was on methotrexate and while he was on it we were told to be extremely careful regarding pregnancy.

Although the consultant never stated why, i would make an appointment asap and maybe stop taking the drug if you can.


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