I'm so paranoid about something being wrong am I the. Only one!

I'm 15 weeks three days, my second pregnancy, first one was a misscarriage.

I have had my scans at 12 weeks all was fine then heard baby heartbeat at 13.5 with a doppler. I feel ok, apart from nausea and sickness over the last two weeks. My belly is growing, no pains no blood, BUT still I ave bad thoughts that the baby is dead and I just don't know yet! I'm sure all is ok but why do I keep thinking the worst? I am waiting for my doppler to arrive maybe this will re assure me!


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  • I am only 5weeks 3days and i am on edge. I miscarried 8years ago when i was kicked in the stomach at 6weeks. Its hard to stay positive but do try. In the next 4 to 8weeks you will feel your baby move and that will stop all the worrying. Its only natural to worry but please dont, and yes hearing the babys heartbeat will reassure but remember babies lay in awkward positions and cant always be found straight away so dont panic. Your midwife is always there to talk through concerns

  • Thank you Kay and I hope your pregnancy goes well. Yep I head about the doppler not always picking up the hb but I will give it a to, fingers crossed it eases my stress

  • I'm 25 weeks and still feel the same. I have had paranoia and horribly negative thoughts the whole way through but every scan or midwife appointment does help to ease this a little bit. If you've had a bad experience before you're bound to think the worst again, but just think about all the babies that are born with no problems at all. There's no reason why that won't be you this time! Only 5 weeks until your next scan. Make sure you ask as many questions as you can while you're there. Once you start to feel the baby move you will be reassured that it's there. You'll then have another worry-sometimes you can go for a while without movement and you panic again. I don't think it ever stops. Kay is right, be wary with your doppler. I have one and you can't always hear the heartbeat. It depends on how the baby is lying and where you place the thing. And its not always clear, or consistent. The midwife listened to the heartbeat today and even though she said it was really clear, there were still times when I couldn't hear anything. I think it's natural to worry, everyone who I know who is pregnant is the same as me. It's madness what becoming a parent does to you! Good luck. I'm sure everything will be fine-that's what I keep telling myself :)

  • Thankyou for your reply, you and Kay are right, I guess u never stop worrying lol. I hope your pregnancy keeps going well xx

  • I've miscarried 2x and once straight before this one, im now 39 weeks pregnant and convinced my daughter will be still born or something will go wrong even though she's perfectly healthy! I've spent my entire pregnacy on edge and im even having an elective c-section because I've convinced my self something will happen during child birth. You should talk to the pre natal mental health team ask your Midwive for a referral they really do help! Im still obsessed because I have aspergers and ocd so nothing will cure my worry till my baby is here with me. Please remember the % is very low for losing a baby after 12 weeks even smaller to have a 'missed miscarriage' and also, while a Doppler can be a blessing it's also a curse, I was able to hear baby move with Doppler but no heartbeat till 33 week's and it was a top notch Doppler so dont panic and dont obsess over it. Best of luck x

  • Hi great to hear your great news after your misscarriages, thank you for your message it gives me some hope x

  • hi, i have never had a miscarriage but currently 26 weeks with My 3rd, other 2 are healthy no issues in pregnancy but i have been anxious all the way through with this one, don't know why. just be careful with the doppler has i have heard people panic if they can't heare it thinking something is wrong. all the best :-)

  • Thank you for your reply, I agree about the doppler maybe I won't use it yet!

  • Hello.

    I am now 25 weeks , and still have worries . I have worried from the very start . He wasn't planned so as well as being overjoyed at the news , I worried that we were not ready . I was worried then that because he wasn't planned , I had not been taking folic acid , and had been in a festival the weekend before my LMP was due . Then there was the early miscarriage worry , and that there would not be anything there at the 1st scan .

    My BMI was low , so then came the worry that I was not gaining enough weight ( which I hope has now been rectified ) . My age . My anxiety disorder . Not feeling him move at 20 weeks . The growing pains . Gosh I could go on , and actually didn't realise how much worries there have been till I started typing . I think it's what us women do ,and we do it awfully well :) .

    Now my worries are focused elsewhere - how will I cope during labour ? Will he stay inside long enough ? will he be healthy ? I do know he will be loved and I can't wait to meet him . 40 weeks seems like a long time to be worrying , but it will be worth it :) . Try to focus and visualise the moment you hold that little person . That's my strategy . I hope it all goes well for you x

  • Thank you, I guess your right that every women worries through pregnancy, I'm trying to stop thinking negative and keep positive. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

  • i feel the same. im constantly worrying if my baby is ok or stupidly if im even pregnant at all (even though the test was positive and very strong). im 6 weeks and 4 days roughly. and had bleeding during intercourse last night which as set my worry off even more. today i had brown discharge in the morning but everything seems to be clear now. im having an internal scan in the morning. got to keep positive.

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