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Week 11 Nausea or is it Amoxicilin? :(

Dear all,

as suggested by many of you I started taking my dose of Amoxiciling since two days to clear the UTI.

I am at the end of Week 11 today but since yesterday I am throwing up even water, juices and salad. I have to lie down immediately after I eat and my mouth suddenly gets over-filled with water/saliva within 5 minutes of eating. I have no appetite at all and I threw up everything that i eat (if I am not able to lie down immediately).

I have had a certain degree of nausea due to smell of certain food since my week 5 but i never threw up on anything and my appetite was quite healthy.

I have heard two stories, one from doctors which says that by wk 11 and 12 nausea starts residing and second from few moms who said that their week 11 was worse.

I do not know for sure if this nausea is due to wk 11 or is it due to Amoxicilin (500 mg) - normally antibiotics are considered harsh on liver (and I have had a severe jaundice as an adult few years ago, speaking a lot deal about my nicely workable but not so healthy liver)

What should i do - did any of you faced similar situation at Week 11/12 or with a dose of amoxicilin ??

Thanks and happy new year to all !

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What you're describing sounds fairly normal to me, either for pregnancy, or for being on Amoxicilin, though I can only speak with experience about one or the other, not both at the same time. However, I think it would be wise to discuss all this with the prescribing doctor or your midwife, as your inability to keep anything down might affect the effiicacy of the antibiotic, and it's important to nip that UTI in the bud as soon as possible for the health of your baby. Hope you feel better soon!


I recommend you phone the Durand ask as they prescribed it and will be able to help you. I didn't have that side affect when I took it, that I am aware of!!




Hi I would speak to your gp or midwife regarding this as it could be down to numerous things and only the gp /midwife can advise you correctly on what to do, I have never know amoxicillan to cause severe vomiting but then again I aint a medical professional


Hi there

I have never taken Amoxy-wotsit so no idea if it normally makes you sick. I do know, however, that I felt sick up to about 11 weeks, then moved into actually vomiting every day for two weeks. I bought some anti-seasick wrist bands in the end and they stopped me throwing up. I took them off week 14 and the sickness was finally gone :o)

If you are worried, talk to the doctor, but don't just assume it's the Amoxy-stuff, mornign sickness comes and goes!


Hey ladies, thanks for the replies.

I talked to the GP - she did not sound very sure and confirming either, so I would be calling my own doctor in another continent now, hope he knows better given that he has been treating me for viral and stuffs since kid-hood .

(only cliche is that i have not yet told my family doctor or my grandparents and cousins about the pregnancy yet, was waiting for 12th week and deliveries of two other cousins to pass before I give my own happy news, but I guess its time to share happiness, like the family tradition we are again having three cousins coming close to each other in my generation too :D )

I was definitely burping amoxicilin but the GP has advised to continue it for 7 days instead of stopping at 3 days, so guess i have to do that (husband dear is more forceful than the GP in this)

And yup I have the sea-bands on since week 7, but this time its proving to be so useless.

Also i have noticed that the things which i discovered i liked between week 5 to 11, I dont like them anymore, so I am back to square one with my nausea :(

Alas! I am pregnant...and I am never gonna do this again !! Can't imagine what kind of courage people have to make 2 or 3 or more babies - I feel so done with it already ! (although my mom-in-law and husband laugh at it, when I say so 10 times in a day!).

thanks for the replies ladies, I am glad I have you all moms to be to talk too and happy that some of you have already done this all before !


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