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Bleeding and pains. Ectopic?

Hello, I've just found out I'm pregnant, so must be about 5weeks. I am very excited but I keep having bad bloating and tummy pains. Thos afternoon I have started to bleed. Is this 'spotting'? It is a lot more blood than just spots.... It's like the start of a light period?

I'm worried that this isnt spotting and it is too much blood. Should I go to hospital?


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From what ur describing it sounds like u could b miscarring, but not necessarily an ectopic pregnancy , supposed to be an excruciating pain . It could possibly be an implantation bleed but from what I understand about this its normally a few days b4 u would expect a normal period.

Not sure what they do at hospital at this early stage in a pregnancy, as there's not a lot to see on a scan , it's unlikely they would scan anyway but especially with it being a bank holiday evening , if your in a lot of pain then go but otherwise I would get to a docs 1st thing tomorrow, unfortunately if u are miscarrying there's not a lot u or a doc can do, but rest up and see how u go.

All the best.


Hi, I agree with jds123, after being in a similar situation i would wait to see the Gp unless of course the pain is excruciating or the bleeding gets worse then at that point seek medical help. Best wishes.


Thank you both for your comments. :-(

Better luck next time I suppose.


I bled at 6weeks and had bad cramps I thought it was it had 2 scans later and saw a healthy heartbeat some women bleed for some unknown reason my mum had it all the way through every month with my brother I'm 12 weeks now got my scan tommorow still really nervous but I supose every expectant mum is x


I had this last week went to local materniy hospital found out i had a csyt on left side we saw are little one wave at us. hope it all works out goodluck


Hi Not sure if you have already been checked out and what the outcome, but I can re-assure you a little or I would like to. I have had a similar experience on new years day and I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I rang NHS 111 and made an appointment with the out of hours GP.

They were great, examined me, took bloods, gave me pain relief (although just paracetamol) and sent me to the gynecologist (ward 9 - UHND) where they did a early scan, although there was not allot to see at this early stage it showed, the baby was in the correct place (so not eptopic) and there was no real reason for concerns, although I am still having the pain it has put my mind at ease to know there is no reason to worry and everything so far is safe and well. Better to go and get checked everyone is entitled to the NHS treatment even if you feel like you could be wasting there time I can Guarantee you wont be.

All the best and hope everything's ok.

Juliepearson1987@hotmail.com if you want to e-mail me direct at any point.


Thank you, that has made me feel a bit positive. I had kind of written this pregnancy off and was going to start trying again.

I have been bleeding for about 3days and it is a lot lighter today. I'm going to do a test in the morning to see the outcome. And maybe book a doctors appointment after that.

Thanks again for your comments.


Your hcg level will still be detected on a home pregnancy test for some time if you have miscarried as they are sensitive , up to 8 weeks I believe, so do not go off that reading.

As people have said a bleed does not necessarily mean an automatic miscarriage, get urself to ur gp if not hospital, they can check you hcg level in ur blood as this is a more accurate reading and may refer u for a scan its better to get checked out and get an answer either way as scary as it is.

Good luck


i bled throught my pregnancy, mostly like light periods. Sometimes heavier but scans always showed a happy healthy heartbeat x


im 6 weeks and 4 days roughly. found out 4 days ago i was pregnant. only done one home pregnancy test. last night during intercourse i had bleeding. it wasnt a lot and wasnt bright red. more pinky. and when i wiped i had nothing. i have slight pains in belly but they dont feel like cramps more like wind. i worry if everything is ok. so i am booked in for an internal scan in the morning.


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