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First pregnancy - when will i feel baby kicking?

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I'm nearly 20 weeks now and was just wondering if i should start feeling my baby kicking soon. I have felt some tiny flutters which could be it but i'm just not sure and can't wait to feel he/she properly :-) have been told that with the first pregnancy it usually takes longer.

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Tiny flutters are most likely the baby moving. Everyone is different with when they feel it move.


I was about 20wks and a few days when I first felt it kick properly....I'd been having flutters like you describe for a week or two before'll take a bit longer until you start to recognise the kicks more and more....don't panic as well if you feel it kick once and then feel nothing for a few days....I think that's pretty normal too.

As the previous answer stated, everyone is different and that's just my experience, but I'm sure you'll start to feel something of luck!

Thanks ladies - I have my 20 week scan next week and cannot wait to see little beanie again! i'm sure it's fine but just always feel a bit nervous before a scan and start to worry a bit about everything being ok! x

Hi with my first i was around 21 weeks when i felt a proper kick before that was just flutters my 2 nd a little boy was very active (and still is) i felt.flutters from around 12-13 weeks then proper kicks from around 14-15 weeks. Currently

25+6 with baby number 3, been told a little boy and felt.flutters from around 16 weeks and kicks from around 18 weeks but it does vary with each baby.

I was 16 weeks when I felt my son but its only cause I was overdoing it the tiny flutters are movements but it can be usually between 16 and 24 weeks so you've got nothing to worry about hun x

Thank you! :-) my mind is now at rest xx

I'm almost 16 weeks and I had flutters the other night, they say if it's your first baby you don't always know when you've felt something as its hard to distinguish but if you've been pregnant before you can normally tell the difference but everyone's different I suppose :) x

after 24 weeks you feel baby kicking and you feel gooddddd

Just had my 20 week scan and it's wriggling around like mad so at least I know it's moving :-) Have felt a few more little movements the last few days! Can't wait for a proper little kick though. Thanks so much for your comments ladies xxx

With my first i was about 21 weeks and with my second i felt baby from 16 weeks. It can vary. You'll kinda suddenly start feeling them and they'll just get more noticable and strong by the week. X

Sounds like you have already felt the kicks. Sit back in a quiet position and you will feel the fluttering. Morning first kick I felt was at 29 weeks

Congratulations, it’s my 1st pregnancy aswell, I felt flutters around 17/18 weeks but hardly anything, then 23weeks, baby was moving around. No stopping little baby now at 26 weeks, when you know you know. Just hang in there for a couple more weeks and you will feel more. When you feel it, stroke your belly, baby will respond especially as baby gets bigger. Best feeling in the world, I can’t wait for my husband to feel/see it. Every time daddy puts hand on bump no movement, as soon as he takes hand off, bang moving x

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